Tuesday 25 February 2014

Crochet spring blanket and granny square cushion

Crochet - I've rambled about it before and I'll ramble about it again because it's just so lovely! It's quick, easy AND I can do it while watching 'Call the midwife' without making mistakes :-)
I've been itching to share my latest project with you. It's still ongoing but I didn't think you'd mind. I saw these beautiful yarns and immediately thought of spring ... new growth, buds and bluebells!

These yarns are handspun and hand dyed by Sarah and Jane at weaveknitit.com. I met these talented gals at the Waltham Abbey wool show. It took me FOREVER to decide how / what to make with this yarn. Eventually, after much umming and ahhing and 'yes dear, looks lovely dear' from hubby I went with a granny square cushion and crochet blanket.

 I thought how lovely it would be to be wrapped up in this gorgeous yarn whilst sitting in the garden watching the birdies. Plus changing soft furnishings with the seasons is a lovely way to bring spring into the house. So the cushion consists of 9 granny squares. I varied the squares, keeping some plain and mixing some others up. Mixing yarns in a granny square is easy, you simply swap yarn as you go, sewing in the ends as you.

I then sewed them together using an invisible stitch with a wool needle and matching yarn. Now I just need to make the actual cushion - OR simply sew it to an existing one ... nice easy option me thinks!

And this is the crochet spring blanket. It's unfinished as I've run out of yarn so the girls are whipping up some more for me. Hopefully I'll get it finished before the bluebells are out! 
You've ve still got time to whip up a spring blanket of your own, just opt for a nice chunky yarn or you'll be still be going next winter! I'll post the finished article as soon as it's finished.

JM x

To see finished blanket CLICK HERE!

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  1. It's lovely, well done! Good furious crocheting powers! xxx