Wednesday 17 July 2013

Welcome to a handmade cottage

Welcome to my cosy corner. I'm Jodie May - songwriter, wife and devoted dog mother to Ralphy (pictured right.) I founded my local craft club (The cottage crafters) and I am happy to be the first Craft columnist for the Herts and Essex Observer. When we moved into our little cottage we didn't have much in the way of money. So by using craft, thrifty buying, up-cycling and making things myself I managed to create a lovely, cosy characterful home ... full of old furniture, antiques and ramshackled loveliness. 

I absolutely love old rustic things ... antique furniture, antique cotton and lace, old copper and silver and old floral fabrics. In fact almost all of my furniture is antique, and it was all sourced from charity shops. I love the simplicity and the quality of old things ... and I love that each piece has a story to tell. I also love the simple way people lived in by-gone days ... and I try to take from that as best I can, by living as naturally, and simply as I can. ... which is easier said than done. 

      I not only created our handmade home, we also had a handmade wedding! We made almost everything and saved a small fortune. On return from our honeymoon I felt my life needed a change of direction, so I started a craft club in my town, became a craft columnist for the local Observer and decided to start a blog! I want to show people that crafting cosy characterful homes (or weddings) is a lot easier (and cheaper) than you might think. I hope you enjoy the blog, and do feel free to come and say hello anytime.

About me ...

Name: Jodie May

Age: A lady never tells ... Ok I'm 37.

Likes: Dog Walks in Woodlands * paddling in streams * anything floral antique lace * tea and cake in vintage china * Campfires * Antique shops (I love old things that have a story to tell) * Gardening and attempting to grow my own * blankets * charity shops * crafting * making things * having time
with with my loved ones.

Dislikes: Cooking (I just can't ... I try but it's not good, thankfully hubby loves cooking : ) Slugs - though I can't kill them. Running (I just can't - and hubby laughs when I try.)

TV: Wind in the willows (I know I'm a grown woman but it's just so sweet and lovely! and I'd love to
live in Moles house) The good life * Upstairs downstairs *  Frasier * Only fools and horses * Larkrise to Candleford (I watch it with my lovely little elderly friend Ros : )

To read some frequently asked questions (and answers) click here!

JM x

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