Friday 14 February 2014

The importance of romance

It's easy to pick a fight with Valentines day. I've heard the phrases "it's just an excuse to make money out of us" and "I don't need an excuse to tell me wife I luv 'er" more times than I've had hot dinners.
Valentines day is a day to celebrate the love we have in our life, and it's no time to be stingy.
We all need romance. It's not just reserved for young people, it's at the heart of every long-lasting happy relationship. Romance means different things to different people, but whether it's a trip to Paris or simply holding hands it generally stands for thoughtfulness, companionship and attention. If you think your relationship doesn't need romance then you are probably heading for the rocks my friend, and you need it now more than ever.

Yesterday I popped in to see my lovely friend Ros, who lives over the road (no not Miggins). Eager to show me something, she pulls out a gigantic Valentines card that her husband Frank sent her from overseas 56 years ago. Her face lights up as she recounts the story, and I do all I can to stop the lump in my throat from rising. Frank died a couple of years ago and I know she misses him very deeply. He also brought a cup of tea to her bedside every morning of their marriage. His little gestures are what she remembers most, and she looks like a young girl when she speak of him.

So, whether you're married, single or divorced enjoy celebrating what 'love' you have in your life at every possible opportunity, be it romantic, platonic, family or pet!  

Happy Valentines Day

PS. and it's not just for humans ....

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