Wednesday 30 September 2015

A month in pictures - September

I don't you about you dear readers but I really don't know where the days are going. I've been so busy of late ... working, making music, crafting and now autumn is upon us so I've been trying to 'winterfy' our draughty little cottage. I miss blogging regularly and I haven't been snapping as much as I'd like, but alas we can only do what we can do can't we? I'm also a singer songwriter you see ... and I'm about to record an album which is very exciting for me, so much of my creative energy is going into that at the moment. I'll share more about that in a separate post one day soon if you'd like? but for now here's what I've been up to this month ...

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Monday 21 September 2015

Country cottage birdhouse - for string & ribbons!

I was recently invited to enter a crafty competition by a company called Ocean finance. They sent every blogger a simple, wooden birdhouse and a £25 Buddy Crafts voucher so they could buy all the supplies they needed. Initially I declined, as I was so strapped for time ... but within a matter of minutes I had changed my mind as I simply couldn't resist such a fun, crafty challenge! especially since my country cottage birdy house had already started to materialise in my minds eye. This is not suitable for outdoors so I wanted to find a practical use for my little birdhouse indoors, so please let me introduce you to my new ribbon (or string) holder!  I loved making this project - it may look incredibly intricate, but it really isn't. Aside from the supplies, all you need is glue and a bit of patience ... would make a lovely gift don't you think?!

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Tuesday 15 September 2015

How to make a lined curtain with ribbon ties

I made a curtain this week which has also been featured on the Laura Ashley blog. I've made little kitchen curtains before, but this was my first big 'grown up' curtain project. I made this for my bedroom window. I only made one panel as the window isn't very wide, but you can just as easily make two. To make the process quick and simple this curtain has ribbon ties along the top, so there's no fiddly business with pelmets and pleats and such. 

It's surprising how easy it is to put something like this together, and I'm really pleased with how this curtain turned out, as I am a beginner when it comes to curtain making. You'll need basic sewing machine skills for this project. So get your bits together, take your time and if you get flustered 'pull yourself together!' Ka boom! (See what I did there?)

What you need: 

Curtain fabric 
I used Laura Ashley Abbeville Eau De Nil floral cotton curtain fabric
Curtain lining 
I used Laura Ashley plain cotton fabric in cream
Wide ribbon 
I used a wide velvet ribbon - as it has a nice thickness and holds the curtain well
Sewing machine
Needle and thread
Measuring tape
Square angled ruler

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Thursday 3 September 2015

A month in pictures - August

August has always been one of my favourite months as it means birfdays!!!! Ralphred Muss Muss turned 6 this year, and I turned the grand old age of 17 *ahem* ... OK add a fair bit more to that. This month I've been busy crafting and and I've also shared one of my latest, most favourite cottage getaways. This was our month in pictures ....

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