Tuesday 18 February 2014

My thrifty finds - When Hana met Jodie

Today I discovered ECCO, the fabulous new GIANT Charity shop in Bishops Stortford. Hubby is distraught because he knows what this means. However, I only walked out with TWO things today ... a new tray and a new friend!

ECCO in Bishops Stortford - my new fave haunt!

Hana, the lovely glamorous young woman who runs this branch has been super busy turning the place into a fabulous, vintage thrifty haven. We had a good ole natter and it turns out ECCO is a Harlow-based Environmental Conservation Co-operative. It's a community, not-for-profit organisation and has been doing some great things for for our environment since 1995.

While Hana's telling me about ECCO I'm daydreaming of how I"m going to get her to teach me to do my hair like that. Isn't it gorgeous!!

We're having a giggle about how we both like to fill every inch of our houses with vintage furniture despite the complaints from our long suffering husbands.

Hana also loves a good craft so she's going to pop along to our craft club! She wants to learn how to knit so I said I'll teach her in exchange for some sewing tips as she's a whizz on the sewing machine and loves up-cycling clothing.

Hana looking fab despite having an awful cold! AND we turned up up announced and insisted she pose : )

We both got very excited when we realised what crafty goodness we could achieve together ... with her space and talent + my crafty crew of gals so WATCH THIS SPACE people, there may well be some Up-cycling workshops coming up in the not-too-distant-future!

Hana reckons I can pull this off ...

... mmm I'm not so sure : )

Here is the lovely little tray I purchased for £3 ... bargain. Hubby shook his head and pointed out we already have lots of trays, but I pointed out we didn't have one with flowers on! 
I told him it could have been a lot worse, I could have walked out with .... 

... this! he agreed he got off lightly :-) this beauty may still be for sale if you're lucky, but be quick in case I change my mind! I'd love to see your thrifty purchases so feel free to share pics of your finds with me on Facebook or Twitter

For more tips on bagging the best bargains have a read of

 The art of thrifty shopping

Happy shopping Magpies!

JM x

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  1. Lovely! How great to have such a nice shop and friend near by. Look forward to hearing about any future up-cycling plans. XX P.S you were right by the way, and that brown fabric was a ladies shirt :)

  2. I want that sideboad now!! x Jenny- aka Ruby slippers.

    1. It's gone! the lady from our local cafe bought it : )

  3. Oh my goodness what a treasure trove! Good luck living so close to there without filling your home with all kinds of vintage treasures!

    1. I know it's very worrying Helen ... well hubby's worried, I'm just happy : )

  4. Love, love, love that tray!