Tuesday 22 April 2014

Finished Spring Crochet 'Bluebell' blanket

Hello lovelies. 
Just a quickie. I really wanted to show you my finished Crochet Spring blanket! 
'She' has been aptly named 'Bluebell Blanket' after the bluebell woods that inspired her. You really can't go wrong if you take your colour pallet from our lovely mother nature. Thanks again to Sarah at Weaveknitit for the lovely yarn. I'm snuggled up in it as I type : ) 

JM x

The beautiful Bluebell wood that inspired this blanket.
Take your colours from nature and they will usually work together.

Now I just need to stop his royal highness
Ralphred from getting doggie hairs all over it.

Getting different colours from the same batch / brand is always a
good idea and it's more likely to blend well.

Even if you just like muted colours it's always good to get a bright colour
in there to make all the other colours 'pop' and stand out.
The pale green does a great job of that here.

Edging the blanket it the very pale pink really made a big different too,  it came alive and
gave it a 'fresh' feel.

When making blankets you will need a  LOT of yarn ... so you'd be better off buying in bulk to save money. 

This was me showing it off to the girlies at Craft club.
I look so pleased with myself don't it? : )

Spring blanket and cushion - part 1

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  1. It's gorgeous Jodie :D
    BTW - I have a new blog! http://thefragranthome.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. oh I love it Nicki! Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Hi,
    Wonderful colours and you did a great job finishing. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Ah thanks Shiralee (pretty name!) I'm glad you like it : )

  3. Wow !LoVe those colours Jody! I'm still hooking away, mainly on girlie baby blankets at the moment. Lulu burrows under whilst I'm in the middle of making mine. I give up trying to stop her! She just can't resist a warm blankie :)

    1. Thanks Jenny! they're lovely aren't they? so fresh. Ralphy burrows too : ) ... there's already white hairs on it ... at least they don't show up! x