Friday 21 February 2014

Patchwork house bunting

 photo ff.png

  I love all things patchwork. 
In fact I'm planning to do a post or video soon showing you just how easy it is! But today I just wanted to share this lovely bunting with you. It's from Sass and Belle, though my mum found it for me on a little crafty market stall (bless her little cottton socks!)

Sass and belle patchwork house bunting

Isn't it lovely?! it's such a simple idea and would be very easy to make ... perhaps we could do it together, another day perhaps?! It seems to be discontinued on the Sass and Belle website but it IS available from amazon.

Have a lovely friday munchkins,

JM x

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1 comment:

  1. I spied this cuteness on your video! I was swooning over it and wondering how it was made...and here it is:) I have found and ordered some sweet Liberty of London trim on a spool that would be perfect for attaching little houses. This is on my list of crafty cute things to make:)) Thank you, to your darling mum!