Thursday 26 February 2015

Cockney Snowdrops & a delightful walk in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire

Well this weekend, our little trio headed out for a walk in Much Hadham, in Hertfordshire. It's one of our most favourite walks and includes woodland, tracks and arable farm land. I hadn't planned to take any photos on this particular day, as when you're a blogger you often find yourself living life through a lens, so I try to leave it behind now and again and just use my own eyes, but on this particular day I happened to have my iphone with me (turned to aeroplane mode of course!) and I snapped a few moments. This was our day of four seasons .... 

Much Hadham woodland - photograph by A Handmade Cottage

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Thursday 12 February 2015

Embellished heart art - with Noolibird stamp

Today I'd like to show you how to make a beautiful, intricate piece of art which is really easy to make, you just need basic sewing skills. Basically, if you can thread a needle you can do this. This took me an evening, with one eye on 'Call the midwife' and it was really fun to make. The stamp, is called you and me and is designed and handmade by Nula, from Noolibird. You might recognise it as I used a smaller version in my how to make a simple rustic card for Valentines last year. I love this stamp, it's just so pretty and I find it incredibly useful as it suits every occasions. It's also ideal as a wedding gift, or for wedding craft, for making invites, the table plan, thank you cards, labels etc Now I plan on using this stamp for making gifts, such as artwork, lavender cushions, bunting and who know what else. All of which I'll share of course, starting with today. This is how I created some simple, yet beautiful art for the wall ... I might even make one for Mrs Miggins next door.

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Wednesday 4 February 2015

A cosy cornish hideaway - Mellinzeath farmhouse, Cornwall.

Rustic cottage in Cornwall - Review of Mellinzeath Farmhouse, Helford

My dear readers. I almost didn't want to share this cottage with you because I wanted to keep it all to myself, and soon you'll see why. This is Mellinzeath Farmhouse, in Helford in Cornwall. I think this cottage is the most beautiful and idyllic place I have ever stayed. Both the cottage, and the surroundings are extraordinary. But before you get booking, you should know this cottage is not for the fainthearted ... this is a back to basic cottage, there is no central heating, there may be cobwebs and there are (supposedly) bats living in the bathroom. This cottage is a step back in time and that's what makes this such a remarkable place ....

Where is it: Cornwall
Weekly Price from: £333
Pets: Welcome of course!
Sleeps: 4 

 Mellinzeath Farmhouse. Photography by A Handmade Cottage

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