Wednesday 30 March 2016

A month in pictures - March

Hi all, and happy Easter! I hope this finds you all safe and well after a choccie-fuelled family weekend! We've just returned from a lovely weekend with the in-laws. I made decoupaged eggs with my little niece and nephew - and they did enjoyed it, but not nearly as much as my hubby and his mum did! It's been a busy month here but there so much I've been wanting to share with you .. I still haven't gotten around to showing you my new craft room! but I shall, once it's tidy and once hubby stops using my new craft table as his 'floordrobe' (floordrobe is hubby's new word for the pile of clothes he leaves in one corner of the bedroom, he thinks that giving it a name, legitimises it's  existence - his inventiveness did make me laugh ... until 'floordrobe' reared it's messy head on my craft table!) Anyway, here's our month in pictures ... 

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Tuesday 22 March 2016

Easy Peasy String Bunting

My good friend Poppy recently invited me to guest on her blog again! (bless her lovely cotton socks) so as Spring is finally on her way I'd thought I'd celebrate all things bright and beautiful by making some easy peasy bunting to decorate the house and garden with! This bunting is by far the easiest bunting you can make, it takes one hour to make and can be adapted to suit any occasion or season, be it Easter, summer garden parties and BBQs, birthdays, weddings or Christmas ... AND you don't need advanced sewing skills! Simply choose your fabric, whip up your bunting and you'll have some lovely decorations to use year after year.

So if you fancy joining us for some bunting fun pop over to Poppy's gorgeous blog today!

Easy peasy bunting at

JM x

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Thursday 10 March 2016

Decoupaged easter egg tree decorations

Decoupage easter egg tree decorations

With easter almost upon us I wanted to make some pretty decoupaged eggs to decorate a branch with for easter weekend. So my craft group and I had a fun-filled day of making. I used real duck eggs for this project and we found they worked much better that plastic ones but you could use whatever you prefer. This is a lovely little project and it took me just two hours to decorate six eggs. It would also be an ideal project for kiddies too - just be prepared to make a lot of egg-based dishes afterwards :-)

Decorated easter egg tree decorations

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Thursday 3 March 2016

This month in pictures - February

Hi popsicles! I hope this finds you all well on this chilly March morning. I've just been for a brisk walk with Sir Ralfred .... my hands and toes are icy cold and I can't WAIT for summer to warm our cockles now. As much as I love the cosiness of autumn and winter, I'm so ready for flip flops and hazy days now. Roll on bluebells and bring forth the sunshine! This was our month in pictures ....

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