Wednesday 27 May 2015

A quirky cabin in the Shropshire hills - The Dipping Shed

Dear readers, I've been itching to share our recent cottage getaway with you, as it's a quirky one for sure. I found The Dipping Shed on the Canopy and Stars website, which has wonderful collection of unusual accommodation; including tree houses, yurts, cabins, and other outdoor glamping sites in the UK and Europe. The Dipping Shed is situated in the grounds of the beautiful Walcot Hall, in Shropshire. As you know, we prefer rustic, secluded accommodation so I was a little worried we might be overlooked, as Walcot Hall not only hosts events, such as operas and weddings, it also has a varied collection of other glamping accommodation on site. However I needn't have worried. The grounds are extensive (30+ acres) and The Dipping Shed is not only secluded, it also has the most beautiful views over the lake, with many lovely walks from the doorstep. Though do bear in mind, the lodge is set in an elevated position, and is only accessed by foot and involves a climb up some steps, so it may be unsuitable for the elderly and those with mobility problems. 

Where is it: Shropshire
Price from: £525 a week
Pets: Welcome
Sleeps: 4

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Monday 4 May 2015

April - my month in pictures

Dear friends, well April has been and gone quite suddenly! Can you believe it? you may (or may not) have noticed that I haven't been posting as frequently as I once did. Unfortunately I've have to pull back a little ... I've been having a hard time juggling life, work, craft and music. But do not fear, you can't get rid of me that easily. I'll still be posting regularly and I'll see you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter daily. That said, Hubby, Ralphy and I are heading into the countryside this week, for TEN WHOLE DAYS! I cannot wait - I almost don't want it to start so then it can't end! They'll be walkies in the wilderness, knitting, reading, eating and NO PHONES / INTERNET! .... heaven. So this is a brief goodbye, and when I return I'll have some crafty corkers coming up, including a mega makeover of 'Beatrix' ... remember her? In the meantime here's a little lookie back over this past month ...

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