Friday 7 February 2014


You already know how much I adore my little dog, Ralphy. He's my furry son. But today 'My favourite fings' is about all dogs. I've been a dog lover for a very long time and if I didn't have such a small house I would have LOADS of them. I've even started a new photo album on facebook called 'Ralphy and friends' -  which (rather surprisingly) contains Photos of Ralphy and all his little doggie friends and family.

Ralphy the dog - wearing his homemade coat!

Dogs are such affectionate, intelligent (well some of them), lovable little creatures and I suspect anyone who dislikes them of foul play (well ... unless you're a cat-person or have been bitten, that's fair enough.) Even as I write this Ralphy is staring at the crumpet I'm eating and if I didn't give him any, he wouldn't hold it against me ... so for that, he'll get some crumpet : )

This is Buster - cousin to ralphy. 

I met a puppy Jack Russell puppy the other day, tied up outside Tescos. He was so lovely! he did the little turn that Ralphy does when he wants a cuddle. Eventually my friend tried to drag me away but I was determined to stick around to see the owner. I don't know what I was hoping for ... perhaps he / she might be an evil wizard ... or anything that would warrant me taking their dog home to keep for myself. Unfortunately he turned out to be a perfectly nice man that just looked a bit freaked out by the weird lady who was staring at him and his dog through the glass. 

So I hurried home to give Ralphy a cuddle, thankful for what I already have. 


To view 'Ralphy and friends' on facebook click here and to see new updates / pics just 'like' the page.

Top gun Ralphy. Photo by John Pickup (Uncle to Ralphy)

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