Wednesday 5 February 2014

* AHC NEW FEATURE * My vintage thrifty finds

Morning my little magpies. I have a new feature to share with you! As you know I am a charity / antique shop fiend. I try not to go in every one as my little house is already heaving but this little voice in my head says 'Oh just have a peek, you probably won't find anything ' then BAM I walk out with a piano / welsh dresser / new side table (errr ... that last  one happened only today) whoopsie!

Today I found this gorgeous table for £20 ...
it's leg was broken but it took all of 2 mins to glue it back on.

SO, I've decided to put my shopaholic tendencies to good use and share all of my new finds with you! Then (and how clever is this) I will HAVE to buy stuff because I will need to show my readers my new finds. Genius! though Hubby's not sold on the idea. However my reasoning isn't all selfish, I also want to show you what's out there for the taking. The more you look in these places the more your eye will hone in on the lovely characterful pieces, all waiting to be found, bought and loved.
Here's a few tips to see you on your way ...

I also picked up this lovely vintage mirror and brush set £3 looks lovely on the dressing table.

Where are the best thrifty finds!?

Tip #1 

Lovely bits are everywhere, but REMEMBER the loveliest object can look quite unattractive in a cluttered old charity shop, so it's easy to get put off.  This is why people don't see the good stuff. If you're drawn to something you HAVE to imagine it in your surroundings.

... and this lovely old fashioned bottle.
It is purely decorative but for 50p I'm not complaining.

Tip #2 

If you're unsure buy it anyway! You can always take it back or give it as a gift but 9 times out of 10 you'll be so pleased you bought it. I feel unsure about lots of my purchases but I trust my instincts, and I'm always glad I did.

I almost didn't buy this teapot last week as it looked tacky in the shop.
Glad I went on instinct - pours like a dream too : )

Tip #3

Pop in these shops as often as poss - practice makes perfect! If you are drawn to something and love it, don't wonder where it will go or put it down to have think about it ...
pick it up quick before Mrs Miggins gets her grubby paws on it, because she will! she always does.

For more tips and advice on how to shop vintage-style read  The art of thrifty shopping 

I'd love to see your purchases so please do come and share pics of your finds with me on Facebook or Twitter  Happy shopping Magpies!

JM x

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  1. Hello from America! loved your article about thrift shopping! Mind telling me which are your favorite as my sister and I are thriftaholics and will be over this August..thanks much!!

    1. Hello there, glad you likes the article :-) and how lovely you're coming to visit the UK. Mmm favourites ... I'll have a think. Will you be based in London?