Friday 28 February 2014

Organised ribbons on wooden dolly pegs

Ribbon and lace on dolly pegs

When you live in a little house you have to be organised, or charm quickly turns to clutter. When it came to ribbons no matter how hard I tried they'd always end up in a massive tangled mess.

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Tuesday 25 February 2014

Crochet spring blanket and granny square cushion

Crochet - I've rambled about it before and I'll ramble about it again because it's just so lovely! It's quick, easy AND I can do it while watching 'Call the midwife' without making mistakes :-)
I've been itching to share my latest project with you. It's still ongoing but I didn't think you'd mind. I saw these beautiful yarns and immediately thought of spring ... new growth, buds and bluebells!

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Friday 21 February 2014

Patchwork house bunting

 photo ff.png

  I love all things patchwork. 
In fact I'm planning to do a post or video soon showing you just how easy it is! But today I just wanted to share this lovely bunting with you. It's from Sass and Belle, though my mum found it for me on a little crafty market stall (bless her little cottton socks!)

Sass and belle patchwork house bunting

Isn't it lovely?! it's such a simple idea and would be very easy to make ... perhaps we could do it together, another day perhaps?! It seems to be discontinued on the Sass and Belle website but it IS available from amazon.

Have a lovely friday munchkins,

JM x

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Tuesday 18 February 2014

My thrifty finds - When Hana met Jodie

Today I discovered ECCO, the fabulous new GIANT Charity shop in Bishops Stortford. Hubby is distraught because he knows what this means. However, I only walked out with TWO things today ... a new tray and a new friend!

ECCO in Bishops Stortford - my new fave haunt!

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Friday 14 February 2014

The importance of romance

It's easy to pick a fight with Valentines day. I've heard the phrases "it's just an excuse to make money out of us" and "I don't need an excuse to tell me wife I luv 'er" more times than I've had hot dinners.
Valentines day is a day to celebrate the love we have in our life, and it's no time to be stingy.
We all need romance. It's not just reserved for young people, it's at the heart of every long-lasting happy relationship. Romance means different things to different people, but whether it's a trip to Paris or simply holding hands it generally stands for thoughtfulness, companionship and attention. If you think your relationship doesn't need romance then you are probably heading for the rocks my friend, and you need it now more than ever.

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Monday 10 February 2014

How to make: A simple rustic handmade card.

I've been wanting to have a go at card making for sometime now, so Valentines day was the perfect excuse. (Hubby - there's a good chance you're reading this so act surprised when you get your card!) What I'm going to show you can be applied to ANY card; Birthday, Christmas or Wedding. It's quick, fun and much easier than I thought. My advice - keep it simple. Also when choosing stamps choose something versatile that will work for lots of different occasions. This card might be for Valentines day but it would also be perfect for Weddings, Birthdays or Christmas.

Remember: It might cost a little money initially to get what you need, but once you have it you can use it time and time again, saving you money in the long run.

'You and me' stamp by Noolibird. Note this is a close up!

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Friday 7 February 2014


You already know how much I adore my little dog, Ralphy. He's my furry son. But today 'My favourite fings' is about all dogs. I've been a dog lover for a very long time and if I didn't have such a small house I would have LOADS of them. I've even started a new photo album on facebook called 'Ralphy and friends' -  which (rather surprisingly) contains Photos of Ralphy and all his little doggie friends and family.

Ralphy the dog - wearing his homemade coat!

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Wednesday 5 February 2014

* AHC NEW FEATURE * My vintage thrifty finds

Morning my little magpies. I have a new feature to share with you! As you know I am a charity / antique shop fiend. I try not to go in every one as my little house is already heaving but this little voice in my head says 'Oh just have a peek, you probably won't find anything ' then BAM I walk out with a piano / welsh dresser / new side table (errr ... that last  one happened only today) whoopsie!

Today I found this gorgeous table for £20 ...
it's leg was broken but it took all of 2 mins to glue it back on.
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