Thursday 29 August 2013

Beauty & the egg - a natural face mask

Photograph by Binky Nixon

A natural beauty recipe

This remedy is a godsend and I've used it on countless occasions. It's especially good before a night out as it's a temporary facelift without the surgery. It works better than the countless creams I've tried and it's 100% natural. Botox in a shell (I kid you not.)

Tools required: 1 egg.
Prep time: none
Takes: 5 minutes

1.  For best result exfoliate before hand.

2. Take one egg, crack and separate the white from the yolk. (Dispose of yolk or keep for hair mask ... that's another post)  Give the white a quick whip (only for 10 secs or so) 

3. Slap it on ... pat it all over your face and let it dry. Soon you'll be transformed into a Barbi that's half your age! (err see disclaimer)

Note: Try NOT laugh when it's dry.  If you do it cracks and you'll get to see what you'll look like as an old woman. It's hideous ... but if you want to freak out your other half out then it's WELL worth doing.

4. Simply wash off. Feels just lovely.

For best results: If you have dry skin, follow with a 10 minute pure honey mask for ultimate moisturisation.


Disclaimer: you won't look like Barbi and you won't really look half your age but you WILL look better and appear younger looking as it does smooth fine lines in my opinion. Also I can't take responsibility if you're allergic to egg white. I suggest a test patch. Bear in mind it does sting a little when it goes on but that's normal, however if it's too uncomfortable wash it off.
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Monday 19 August 2013

Easy curtain tie backs!

Use a simple lace ribbon or pretty neck scarf to tie back a neutral curtain. Can add a lovely splash of colour and is easy to wash / change with the seasons  (I love lace in summer and something richer and heavier in winter) Now go have a cuppa while you peruse your scarf drawer : )

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Tuesday 6 August 2013

How to make a teacup candle

How to make a teacup candle - Photograph by Binky Nixon

What girly doesn't love a teacup candle. They are feminine, decorative AND they serve a function! (this is what you point out to loved one when you get told off for buying more toot.) They also make a perfect gift.  When hubby and I were married we made all of our decor by hand. There was a LOT of decor and it took 8 hours to decorate a beautiful Tudor barn. But that's another story ...

One of the things I made were 50 Teacup candles as favours for the womenfolk. It was my first time at making them, and I wanted to give them something they could keep and enjoy, and in years to come remember us when they're sipping tea from their pretty cup : )  It may sound like a huge undertaking but it really was much easier and far cheaper than you think. It was also fun, easy and hugely satisfying. Buying a ready made teacup candle can set you back £12 a cup, but to make it is pennies. So why not start collecting, and make some up ready for xmas!!?? your girlies will love you for it ... (and feel free to send one to me for giving you the idea : )

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