Wednesday 22 February 2017

My favourite little corner + my new Barker & Stonehouse industrial lamp

Barker and Stonehouse green vintage industrial lamp

I was recently asked where it is in my home that I choose to relax and unwind. My initial thoughts took me straight to the sofa, dog on lap in front of the fire ... but while I do relax and pass the time there in that cosy spot, the place I truly relax and feel at peace is when sitting in front of my sewing machine, in my craft room. My mind goes quiet there, and only ever there really. So for those that haven't visited my craft room, here's a glimpse at my favourite corner, plus I have a a recent new addition to show you - my Barker and Stonehouse green vintage industrial lamp! 

I keep old vintage bottles on the window ledge and pop little fresh blooms in from the garden in summer. I love the way the light catches the glass. As it's the brightest spot in the house this corner is where my house plants are happiest ... I've been propagating my 'hearts on a string' plant so I hope to see them flourishing in the spring. Plants are a lovely way to bring calm and tranquility to a room.

Just below this window is a lilac tree (AKA Ceanothus tree) ... in spring it blooms with beautiful lilac flowers which eventually cover the ground in a lilac carpet. As I sit and sew on my sturdy singer machine I can hear the birdies playing around on the branches, foraging for twigs for their nests. This machine which was gifted to me by my husbands grandmother, and before that it once belonged to her seamstress mother. On my sewing chair sits my favourite crochet blanket which I made a while back ... there's some photo's of it here if you'd like to see it. 

Barker and Stonehouse green vintage industrial lamp

... and here are some close ups of my lovely new industrial lamp! When it arrived it did look a little different from the pictured image as you'll see if you go to their website, it's not as 'worn' and it was a lot bigger than I thought! Though if I had actually bothered to look at the measurements I would have known how big it was going to be. Either way, it's sturdy, very heavy, gives great directional light and I love it. 

Barker and Stonehouse green vintage industrial lamp

If you head to Barker and Stonehouse you'll see that stock a whole range of goodies and furniture for the home. Do check out their range of reclaimed 'little tree furniture' - it's absolutely beautiful, especially the different coloured pieces ... you'll see what I mean! Even if some of he pieces are a little out of your price range it's a great place to take inspiration from - I know I will. 

JM x

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