Thursday 9 February 2017

'Jar of hearts' Keepsake memory jar

Memory Jars make beautiful gifts. They are quick and easy to make, yet they are an incredibly thoughtful way of capturing a moment in time. I made this one for my young niece who was turning 21. I asked everyone she knew to write something on one of the folded hearts - be it a favourite memory, or simply what they loved most about her, and she absolutely loved it, and in years to come or even when she's having a bad day, she can looking inside and be reminded of good times, and of how much she is loved. So since Valentines Day is coming up I thought I'd share this lovely little project with you, but remember it's also makes a lovely birthday / anniversary / wedding / christmas gift too!

You will need:

A jar
  floral or patterned paper 
Ribbon or string

Top Tip: I had a pad of pretty floral paper and some pretty tags but you can easily make your own. Thick wrapping paper works well for this too, and you can cut out some pretty labels from old birthday  / gift cards!

Step by step 

Step 1. Cut out a small heart on a piece of card to use as your template.

Step 2. Using your template, draw and cut out as many hearts as you'd like. 
Fold them and place them in the jar. 

Step 3. Make a label and tie it on the rim with string or ribbon.

Tada! Easy peasy.

JM x

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