Thursday 12 May 2016

My new craft room + storage for small spaces

Finally ... here is my new workshop craft room! This used to be our music room (AKA hubby's man cave) but since he's moved it to other premises it now mean Jodie Podie has a CRAFTY ROOM! We gave it a lick of paint and I went about sourcing myself a new craft table and some rustic storage. Welcome to the new AHC headquarters ....

creating a craft room

Tips on sourcing a workshop / craft table

The first thing I wanted was a rustic craft table. They're expensive to buy so I created one, which I've already showed you in my previous post: How to make a scandi-chic trestle table. Trestle tables are ideal for craft rooms & workshops as they are collapsable, should you need to make room for large floor-projects. The top of my table has two large holes which is ideal for threading my sewing machine leads through. I also pop my bin under the other one and knock through any rubbish / threads. Is so nice being able to leave the sewing machine set up for long periods of time, it means I actually use it. 

rustic trestle table

craft room workshop

Multi-purpose storage for small spaces

When you live or work in a small space you have to be very clever with how you make use of space. Things can become cluttered quickly, making a small room feel claustrophobic. I need as much storage as I can get in my craft room so I made use of every inch where I could. Beatrix - my little writing bureau now has her own corner, and it's a lovely place to sit and work. I love furniture that has a dual purpose, and she provides ample storage for stationary and wrapping equipment. Writing bureaus can always be found in charity shops - and this one didn't cost much at all. I gave her a lovely makeover with Laura Ashley paint and wallpaper. I also have a little ottoman which is ideal in this scenario as it provides storage whilst also providing a seat for passing visitors! 

writing bureau

Picnic basket storage organiser

Another crafty storage solution is using a large stack of vintage baskets. These house a variety of my different craft materials … I label each one so I know exactly where everything is ... 'Cross stitch and embroidery' in one 'Paper crafts' in another 'Wool' etc etc These baskets keep me organised, I know exactly where everything is and they’re super easy to transport too.

picnic basket storage

Hooks, ladders & rustic shelving

Using hooks to hang my everyday tools and ribbons means it's easy to reach and frees up valuable floor space. Ladders and ladder shelves are also a great way of storing fabrics, and are a lovely way of displaying pretty but useful things. I love hanging my lace and current fabrics I'm using on my ladder (which would also make a lovely rustic towel rail in a bathroom don’t cha think?) I just gave it a clean, a lick of paint and shabby-style rub down with some sandpaper.

ladder and lace

Rustic shelving & storage

I found this wonderful rustic shelving unit on eBay for £60 + £20 P&P which houses all my fabrics. It’s handmade using reclaimed timber by a family-run company in Hertfordshire. You can find them on eBay by clicking this link here. If the piece you’re looking for is not for sale then drop them a line as they’ll often be happy to make you exactly what you’re after. Other clever ways of making shelving in a small space is using vintage timber crates as these are stackable and can be easily moved and transported. You’ll often find auction houses are selling 6 at a time so you can create a wonderful wall of shelving.

rustic wooden shelving unit

Get the look  - accessories

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of AHC headquarters. Here’s some other other accessories I used in my little craft room, and if you'd like to create anything you've seen, such as the pressed flower decoupage lampbotanical flower wall art and Shabby Chic Stool - you'll find tutorials for these on the blog.

Laura Ashley accessories

3. Torrington Rug / Laura Ashley £56 4. Vintage picnic baskets / Charity shops

My craft room

JM x

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  1. Perfect, beautiful, light-and-airy and oh-so-practical and useful! Another brilliant AHC project! xxx

  2. oh my goodness it's gorgeous! I love having a craft room. It's my little hideaway. Love yours! Kat xx

    1. Thank you Laydee Katabella! yes it certainly is my little hideaway - though hubby keeps using my craft table as his wardrobe! better nip that in the bud! xx

  3. catching up with your recent posts. Please could you tell me what colour the paint is (and brand) you used on your craft room walls (if you don't mind) it's lovely. I think this is the second time I'm nicking decor inspiration from your blog! Currently re-doing my hallway and wanted a light colour but not white. Really helps to see a colour actually in a room. Lovely pics of you in the flowery headgear too

    1. Hi Susan, ah thank you. I'm so glad it's inspired you 😊 Yes the colour is from Dulux and is called 'chalkstone' but it's only available through mixing. Happy decorating!

    2. Thanks for replying Jodie. I always use Dulux but couldn't find your colour as thought it would be a 'ready made' one. So glad I asked, I can now ask for that colour to be mixed up. I've NEVER had a mixed paint, only the ones on the shelves. Planning to match it to a pale green floral wallpaper

    3. Oh that sounds lovely, might be worth getting a sample made just to be sure ;-)