Wednesday 1 February 2017

A month in pictures - January

Well hello you lovely lot and happy January! I've had a bee in my bonnet this month over clearing out our loft. As I've mentioned we'd like to move house later this year, so I figured it was about time I tackled the pile of stuff that has been accumulating in our loft for the past Occasionally I climb the loft stairs, look around, then proceed to walk straight back down and pretend no such loft exists.  In fact you often find that tidy people (which I am, usually) are the worst hoarders. Our houses are only tidy because somewhere there lurks a cupboard or drawer (or *ahem* loft) where EVERYTHING is thrown. So bit by bit I've been dragging it downstairs, sorting it into piles, holding it under hubby's nose while shouting 'THROW OR KEEP!! ANSWER NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE' in a Sergeant major manner ... and oh my, it feels so GOOOOD!!! I never expected to get such a buzz from driving away from a recycle dump with an empty car but alas, I think I'd choose that high over a G&T and hot bath! OK, well maybe not ... here's out month in pictures. 

Walkies! We've had some fab walks this month. Did I tell you hubby bought me a metal detector for Christmas? don't laugh, I can hear you laughing! I've always wanted one. It looks like such a nice, relaxing hobby ... poodling alone in the countryside ... "beep beep beep." And if you watch the BBC series 'Detectorists' you'll definitely want one. I admit I haven't been out with it yet. You need to get the landowners permission and I was also thinking about joining a group. But I'll wait until it gets a little warmer as the ground is to hard to dig up buried treasure. I could even knit it a little cover / jumper for it couldn't I? :-) Do any of you have one?? 

This month I shared one of my Christmas presents with you. This Enchanted Forest Bag is made by a company called Voyage and I fell in love with it at first sight. Aside from bags they stock a whole range of soft furnishings in these fabrics, from footstools, armchairs, cushions and lampshade, and they are all exquisite. I'll be trying my hand at making lampshades using their fabric soon so watch this space!

This week I shared Tŷ Glas holiday cottage, which is located in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in Wales, and it is definitely one of my most memorable and favourite cottages in Wales. This pastel blue period Welsh cottage is set in its own wild natural gardens, with 40 acres of pastures, woodlands and lakes, with beautiful views of the Carningli Mountain. Click here to have a read about it and see more pictures. 

Lastly a couple of thrifty finds. I found this gorgeous, perfectly-sized footstool on eBay for a whopping £20! Oh I do love a bargain. I was planning to recover it but once it arrived I decided I really liked the mustard corduroy so it's staying as is for now. The Dovecote biscuit barrel from Marks and Spencer's latest range was less of a bargain at £9.50. I usually buy second hand vintage tins for pennies but I have a rule, that if I see something that I absolutely love, I should buy it (as this doesn't happen as often as you'd think as I've grown quite fussy with age!) They sell cake tins in the same design too ... I must not buy the cake tin, as I'll then have to make cake to go in it, and then M&S will be responsible for me going up a dress size. That's how they make you buy more clothes! Sneaky. 

JM xx

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