Wednesday 1 March 2017

A month in pictures - February

Well it's the end of february and little green shoots are poking their noses though in my garden and on my forest walks which can only mean one thing - SPRING! That said today was freezing so I shan't be changing the duvet and getting my flip flops down just yet, but just knowing it's around the corner is enough to put a zing in your step! I haven't been very crafty of late (though I have been in a knitting frenzy of sorts)  and I have been planning some lovely craft projects, which I'm really keen to get started on. In the meantime here's our month in pictures ...

February ... (and while we're on the subject has anyone else spent most of their adult life spelling February as 'Febuary'? I'm quite good at spelling so I don't know how that managed to slip through the net for so many years! I only realised I was spelling it wrong a couple of years ago. Anyway, where was I ... ) As February is the month of love I shared a super duper easy peasy project that would warm the cockles of any recipient: A heart filled memory jar. Memory Jars make beautiful gifts for any occasion and they are so quick and easy to make. Here is my step by step for making a 'Jar of hearts' memory jar.

... and as it was Valentine I did a #throwback to previous Valentines projects such as cardmaking and how to make a Decoupage box (which would be a lovely gift for mothers day - in fact I made the box above for my mummy.) All of these crafts are great for any occasion, especially the card making. 

We've had some lovely walkies this month but I don't have many photos to show for it as I felt the need to leave my phone behind a little this month. I've enjoyed the solitude and freedom that comes with being unreachable - though of course it's only when you don't have your camera that wildlife seems to perch right in front of you and strike a pose! Still ... I did take a little video of Ralphy this week though - he does make me chuckle sometimes :-)

I was recently asked where it is in my home that I choose to relax and unwind. My initial thoughts took me straight to the sofa, dog on lap in front of the fire ... but while I do relax and pass the time there in that cosy spot, the place I truly relax and feel at peace is when sitting in front of my sewing machine, in my craft room.  So here's a glimpse at my favourite corner and my new industrial vintage Barker and Stonehouse lamp.

The urge to loft-clear seems to be catching as my mum has been clearing her loft this month, and in it she found a bag of clothes from when I was a wee girl - it contained my first swimsuit, and this little leotard I wore for dancing, along with my little tap and ballet shoes ... aw they were very cute. 
I've started keeping a journal this month and bought this lovely woodland trust notebook in WHSmith. Then later this month the thrifty fairy was lurking at our local recycling unit (ok so the fairy was more like a big burly bloke called Steve) who sold me this fabulously rustic hardwood table with sage green iron legs ... for a mere £5! I couldn't believe my luck. Thanks fairy Steve.

Well that's all from me and Ralphy for now. Have a lovely month of march all, and don't forget Mothers Day!

JM xx

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