Friday 11 April 2014

How to get birds into your garden

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I love the birdies ... as I put my washing out I daydream they come and sit on my shoulders like in Snow White (everyone does that right?) But alas, my garden is birdless! So the other day I asked my lovely facebook followers for some advice. I wrote ...

Q "I'm having bird trouble! 
I just cannot entice the birdies into my garden. 
What am I doing wrong? I do get a lovely old couple (of wood pigeons) but that's it. Thoughts?"

After make just a few changes, here are my new feathery friends!
Ralphy's not so sure but in time ...

My friends graciously replied with the following words of wisdom, which worked! and the very next day I had some new feathery friends! I've spent the past week watching them from my window, which has brought me so much Joy. So I'd like to share their advice and thank them,
because bird watching is now one of my 'favourite fings!'
JM x

How to pull the birds ... into your garden!

Courtesy of AHC friends & followers.

"More variety of feeds = More variety of birds.
Just add little bits of several types until the birds get used to coming."

"Wild bird seed, niger seeds and 
blue tits like suet pellets"

"They LOVE mealworms and fat balls."

"Coconut feeders in tall trees or tall shrubs"
(out of doggie / moggy reach.)

"Bird bath!"
(Mmm already got one, though never seen a bird in it.)

"Keep feeders near tree's or cover ... 
I moved mine to the middle of the garden and the birds disappeared."

Before - my lonely little bird feeder was quite exposed ...
it seems the birdies like to feel as cosy as I do!

"Small birds like to dart out, have a quick feed and back to safety sharpish. Eventually you'll get your own congregation, maybe this year, maybe next. Perhaps specialise in exotic scran and this may tempt them to go the extra mile."

"Hanging feeders are better for small birds as the pigeons can't manage the dangle!"

"RSPB have a planting guide to encourage birds. 
Feeders generally don't get touched for a while as the birds suss them out." 

"Sunflower hearts seem to attract the birds to our feeders."

"Be patient, they will come"

JM x

"Birds in my garden??? I'm not 'avin it! not on my watch."

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