Monday 7 April 2014

Changing soft furnishings with nature 'Spring summer'

Spring is here! Little creatures are unfurling and so are our gardens. Blokes are wearing flip flops as early as March and we girls are fretting over our pastry white legs. We change our wardrobe and our diet with the seasons so why not the inside of our homes? I can't afford to do much but even swapping my soft furnishings over twice a year (in the spring and again in the autumn) makes the world of difference. Why? because it lifts my spirits and invigorates my surroundings. I feel more in tune with nature and it just makes me feel better.

Spring Summer Cushions 

Regardless of what size / style room you have ... you can bring life and warmth to it by adding a few cushions in the right colours. I find most of my cushions in charity shops, or I'll make them myself (and I'll be showing you how VERY soon!) In spring I simply swap the darker, richer-coloured cushions for lighter ones. Most are fresh green shades or floral.  Tip: Don't throw cushions away. We easily tire of things but sometimes we just need a change. When you swap them back in Autumn, those you no longer like can be recovered or the wadding can be used for something else. 

Both of these are from charity shops -
The one behind was originally Laura Ashley.

Summer blankets - for cosiness AND coverage.

Oh I do love a blanket! I use them all year round. They're so handy, aside from being snuggly they can also cover a multitude of sins. I packed away my heavy blankets and made this crochet blanket especially for spring, as I thought it would brighten up my otherwise dark sofa. 'She' has been aptly named 'Bluebell blanket' because I used a bluebell woodland to influence the colours I chose. Tip: When it comes to choosing colours, you can't go wrong if you use nature as a guide. Look for inspiration in your own garden and keep any designs natural-looking.

Tip: Using a light blanket over a dark sofa can REALLY
lighten up a room. My house can be dark in places
so this really helps.

Summer lace curtains

Remember how I showed you how to make beautiful warm winter curtains without sewing? using just a blanket and lace tablecloth? Well now is the time to unclip the heavy blanket, and just leave the lace tablecloth behind. Tip: Fabric collects dust and odours so give them both a wash to freshen them and pack the blanket away ready for Autumn.

Lace tablecloths make wonderful curtains! shop bought lace curtains can cost
a small fortune, but the tablecloth above was only a couple of quid in a charity shop.

Want to make your own cushions?

I'll be showing you how to make some lovely simply cushions VERY soon, so go find yourself some nice Spring / Summer fabric. You can find some lovely fabrics in charity shops (old curtains make great cushions) OR try curtain / furniture shops as many sell leftover fabric (end of roll) for as little as £5. So go pick some up quick so we can make cushions together! Also if you'd like advice on how to spot great finds in charity shops click here.

JM x

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