Friday 25 April 2014

A picnic in the Bluebell Woods

Bluebell woodlands are by far, one of my favourite fings ... well places. There is something truly magical about Bluebells. This might be because they are, in fact, little faerie houses or maybe it's their heavenly scent. Whatever it is, spending time in a beautiful bluebell-covered woodland is by far, one of the best things you and your people can do this April.

Bluebell woodland - by A Handmade Cottage

 I wandered through a Bluebell wood last week with Hubby and Ralphy. Without meaning to sound morbid I couldn't imagine a more perfect place to spend eternity. It was so serene and peaceful. With just the birdies and these perfect little flowers, that look to me like faeries dancing when the breeze takes them.  

Bluebell woodland - by A Handmade Cottage

 If you haven't ambled through a Bluebell forest yourself, I highly recommend it. Just go soon as they won't wait around for long. Pack up a picnic, a blanket, your people and spend an afternoon soaking up the energy in these magnificent places, you'll feel so much better for it. 

Ralphy and I in Bluebells - by A Handmade Cottage

We needn't go far to see this spectacular scenery, Bluebell woodlands are on our doorsteps. If you have a woodland nearby, chances are you'll find Bluebells in it. In fact on the Woodlands trust website you can type in your postcode and it will tell you exactly where your nearest Bluebell woods are! How fab is that?!

Bluebells - by A Handmade Cottage

Just avoid picking them (hard I know but they are a protected species) and tell the kids to avoid stepping / sitting ON them ... as once stood on they struggle to stand tall again (I know, I've flattened a few in my time) Though you can always find a large bare patch amongst them to picnic. Perhaps tell the kids the faeries live just underneath (which they do) and you do not want to get on the wrong side of a faerie! 

JM x

Ralphy and I in Bluebells - by A Handmade Cottage
The loveliest of places ... even Ralphy's smiling! 

PS. 'Faerie' is another spelling for 'fairy' .... just in case you thought my spelling was off. It means the same thing, I just prefer Faerie, the other reminds me of washing up.

Find your nearest bluebell woodland

All photography by A Platts

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