Tuesday 28 March 2017

A pretty pastel bedside makeover

As most of you know I've been having a clear out of late, and as a result I have to say I've been  enjoying my living space much more. I don't know about you, but one room that I often feel gets overlooked is the bedroom. Perhaps it's because visitors don't often venture into this space so we put our decorative energy into other areas of the home, but the bedroom really is one of the most important rooms in the house - not only do we spend a lot of time in this room but it has a direct affect on our mental and physical well being. If you do have difficulty sleeping you might find that creating a calm, peaceful and uncluttered environment makes the world of difference. After a good de-clutter I've given our boudoir and my bedside table some much needed TLC. Hubby's side needs more work however but small steps people, small steps :-)

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Friday 30 May 2014

Strawberries in hanging baskets

I love Strawberries. So I have a lot of strawberry plants. Last year I'd skip outside with my basket ... reach down to pick a juicy ripe strawberry and let out a scream that would make Miggins next door choke on her spam sandwich, for the strawberry would be hollow, and filled with mini slugs. Eww! SO, this year I dug up the entire patch and split them into hanging baskets. Planting strawberries in baskets is ideal because:

The slugs don't get them * They don't turn mouldy from sitting on damp soil * It will free up space to plant other veg * Makes use of space * ideal for small gardens * Great easy project for gardening newbies * A baby could do it ... well, a toddler perhaps *

Despite having lots of plants,  I didn't collect many strawberries at all
last year, the slugs meanwhile were looking very buff and well fed!

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Wednesday 21 May 2014

The AHC guide to cottage holidays

Now don't get me wrong, I love a wee in the sea as much as the next person but a holiday doesn't always need to be based around the beach. (Hubby's just informed me, not everyone likes a wee in the sea, is this true??)  Like many people, I used to associate the word 'holiday' with sun, sand and sangria. A holiday in the UK simply conjured up images of Carry-on camping and school trips to Bognor. Initially we chose to holiday in the UK to save money, but now we've discovered the goodies it has to offer, we actually prefer it ... and the dog gets a holiday too! So for those who aren't convinced lets see if I can put your mind at rest and turn you into cottage lovers .... that didn't sound right did it? here's my rough guide to cottage holidays ...

This was the beautiful woodland behind our cottage in Wales.
We had a lovely picnic here and I'm sure I saw a faerie ...?

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Monday 7 April 2014

Changing soft furnishings with nature 'Spring summer'

Spring is here! Little creatures are unfurling and so are our gardens. Blokes are wearing flip flops as early as March and we girls are fretting over our pastry white legs. We change our wardrobe and our diet with the seasons so why not the inside of our homes? I can't afford to do much but even swapping my soft furnishings over twice a year (in the spring and again in the autumn) makes the world of difference. Why? because it lifts my spirits and invigorates my surroundings. I feel more in tune with nature and it just makes me feel better.

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