Friday 14 March 2014

Pretty notepads

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Notepads. I love them. I love using them as travel diaries, crafty fings and shopping lists. But I'm not talking any old notepad, they have to be pretty notepads. I know this makes me a notepad snob but my reasoning is, if it's pretty I'll want to use it! What's appealing about a regular ole A4 WHSmiths jobbie?? that just takes me right back to school * shivers * no thanks, pretty notepads all the way! which leads me to showing you these little beauties ....

This week I found these gorgeous little notepads by Lau & Home on t'internet. There are 4 in a pack (which is very handy) and they're perfect handbag / shopping list size (17cm) The paper inside is even a lovely old fashioned natural brown. Worthy of ink and quill I'd say!

For all 4 notebooks it's a mere £6.50 + P&P
Buy from amazon HERE

JM x

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