Thursday 27 March 2014

HOW TO MAKE: A simple flower arrangement

This video will show you how to make a simple flower arrangement in real time. 
Step by step I'll show you how to create a beautiful arrangement which can be used for weddings, funerals, christmas and birthdays for years to come. 

This is ideal for beginners.
Cost only £7.50 
and took 40 minutes to make.

(Apologies in advance for scatty behaviour ... 
and please note no spiders were killed in the making of this video.) 

If you can't see video click here

What you need to make a flower arrangement

Garden secateurs or scissors
Oasis  - is the spongy stuff you stick flowers into - find it in florist / wilkos
Foliage from the garden or hedgerows - two types in contrasting shades
Filler flower - get one or two types in contrasting shades
Focal flowers - florist

Enjoy and please share piccies of your arrangements with me on twitter and facebook!

JM x

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