Tuesday 11 March 2014

Make your own cleanser: The oil cleansing method

So my soon-to-be babyfaced lovelies! Last week I showed you what I think are the best natural beauty cleansers available on the market. However, like a lot of women I don't always have the money to splash out on lovely posh cleansers. So today I want to show you how to make this excellent homemade cleanser. The 'Oil cleansing method' has been around for decades and it's just lovely. In fact I much prefer this recipe to the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser (Shh I didn't say that!)

Here are the facts ...

* It only contains two oils so it's super easy to make *
(and takes all of two minutes to make ) 

* It removes the toughest of mascaras but is still ultra kind to your skin *
(stripping the skin of oils doesn't do our crows feet ANY good) 

* It 100% natural and organic *
(and makes you feel like a baby-faced Grecian goddess! 
and if it's good enough for Cleo it's good enough for us Oui?)

Akamuti's Castor oil is perfect for this. Just
make sure you get the balance for your skin type right.

Organic & cold pressed 

Castor oil

THEM: 'For thousands of years, castor oil has been revered for its therapeutic properties and has remarkable skin caring qualities.' 

AHC: This is the star of the show. It's a fantastic oil that dissolves dirt, impurities and make up and has a highly bacterial nature. This one is from Akamuti, I really like and trust their products.

COST: £5.50

+ ONE of the following Carrier Oils.

Jojoba all skin types + oily and acne prone.
 Sweet almond all skin types
Argan oil all skin types and mature
Avocado good for dry / mature
Sunflower seed all skin types
Grapeseed oil all skin types
Note: Do NOT use coconut oil for this as it can clog the pores.

I love Fushi's organic Jojoba oil for this recipe.
But whatever oil you use ensure it's a good
quality cold-pressed oil.

Mixing and applying the oils.

It's important to get the ratio of oils right here, and it might be worth making a small batch to begin with until you're happy with your blend. Those with dry skin will want less Castor Oil. Those with oily skin will want more. 

Try these blends:

Oily skin: 2 tsp castor oil and 1 tsp carrier oil. 
Normal skin:Use equal parts castor oil and carrier oil.  
Dry skin: 2 tsp carrier oil and 1 tsp castor oil.

Mix and keep your oils in a clean airtight glass bottle. I always re-use my
Fushi bottle and stick a pretty label on it!

 Dampen your face a little, massage a small amount of your blend into your skin using upward strokes and let the oil sink in. Then gently wipe clean, rinse and repeat with your hot muslin cloth until your face is clean and glowing!  
TIP1: It's important the water is hot, this helps to open the pores, lift the dirt and remove the oil. 
TIP 2: Muslin cloths can be expensive. But the large ones from Mothercare and cut them into smaller ones. Enjoy your lovely cleansed skin! 
JM x

PS. I'd love to hear how you get on with this recipe. Drop me line on twitter or facebook once you've tried it x

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