Friday 7 March 2014

Seasonal decoration - Bringing the blossom in

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL out there people?! The BLOSSOM is out. I don't care what anyone says, that signifies Spring to me. Even if it snows ... it's Spring snow (?) So for today's 'Favourite Fings' I wanted to share a few photos of my foraging adventures this month ... and show you how to save pennies (and the planet) by adorning your house with Spring.

Something I love just as much as Blossom is Lichen (the lovely fuzzy green mossy kind) .... nothing say's 'FAIRYTALE' like a Lichen-covered tree / twig / stone wall. I get so excited when I see it, I feel like an adventure is about to begin! A writer friend of mine, Mrs Carlie Lee (who I've only recently discovered but I'm so glad I did ... I love her musing) wrote a post specially on the subject of lovely Lichen! Read it here over a cuppa.

Isn't Lichen just beautiful?! Most probably wouldn't think to use it in an arrangement but look how lovely it looks against the blossom. Had I been married in early Spring I would have adorned the walls with it. 

Now I'm not suggesting we go out and pick Blossom by the armload, that would be crime against fruit (giggling as I write - imagining myself attacking a blackberry) however providing we're not greedy I don't think it's wrong to take a sprig or two. I would rather take a little from our trees or hedgerows than buy imported cut flowers which carry with them a much heavier carbon footprint. But use your noodle and only take from trees that are heavily laden with blossom ... not a spindly one that needs all the help it can get.


I love Blue Hyacinths. Their scent is heady and heavenly, and their colour is fresh and cool. Hubby's not convinced of their scent, but as long as he's not sneezing he doesn't really have a say on the matter as I love them too much.

Adventures in spring. Thank god for Ralphy's dog walks or I would probably never get to see half the things I do. Thanks Ralphy.

Family walkies ... that's really my favourite. 
That little black dot in the distance is hubby and Ralphy : )

Have a lovely weekend enjoying the Spring!

JM x

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