Friday 30 May 2014

Strawberries in hanging baskets

I love Strawberries. So I have a lot of strawberry plants. Last year I'd skip outside with my basket ... reach down to pick a juicy ripe strawberry and let out a scream that would make Miggins next door choke on her spam sandwich, for the strawberry would be hollow, and filled with mini slugs. Eww! SO, this year I dug up the entire patch and split them into hanging baskets. Planting strawberries in baskets is ideal because:

The slugs don't get them * They don't turn mouldy from sitting on damp soil * It will free up space to plant other veg * Makes use of space * ideal for small gardens * Great easy project for gardening newbies * A baby could do it ... well, a toddler perhaps *

Despite having lots of plants,  I didn't collect many strawberries at all
last year, the slugs meanwhile were looking very buff and well fed!

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