Tuesday 28 March 2017

A pretty pastel bedside makeover

As most of you know I've been having a clear out of late, and as a result I have to say I've been  enjoying my living space much more. I don't know about you, but one room that I often feel gets overlooked is the bedroom. Perhaps it's because visitors don't often venture into this space so we put our decorative energy into other areas of the home, but the bedroom really is one of the most important rooms in the house - not only do we spend a lot of time in this room but it has a direct affect on our mental and physical well being. If you do have difficulty sleeping you might find that creating a calm, peaceful and uncluttered environment makes the world of difference. After a good de-clutter I've given our boudoir and my bedside table some much needed TLC. Hubby's side needs more work however but small steps people, small steps :-)

My favourite colour is green, In almost every shade ... ok except perhaps kermit's 'lime green' shade - no offence Kermit. In the bedroom I've always preferred pastel colours as I find them to be more calming, so this Josette Hedgerow duvet and pillow set in a pastel apple green instantly appealed to me, and you should know there is currently available in the half price sale! 

When it comes to bedside tables, mine is usually piled high with books ... and there is never room for anything else. So I swapped my table for one with a shelf so I could house my books underneath, leaving the top free for other useful / lovely things. I love how brass is quite popular at the moment as it really lends itself to the antique / rustic style. This beautiful brass and mirror tray is a lovely way to keep your things together, whether it's in the bedroom, lounge, bathroom or kitchen, and it looks so pretty on crisp white antique linen.

Bedtime is not bedtime with my pillow spray. I love it ... as do my pillows. I discovered this particular brand and scent in a little market whilst on Holiday in the South of France. So I was over the moon to discover it is also available in the UK. The brand is called Durance and my favourite scent is Cotton Flower - it's light, floral and just lovely.  I also love this little gold leaf trinket holder from Laura Ashley. I usually remember to take my earrings out last thing at night, so this is ideal for keeping little things like that in one place.

I admit it - I used to think bedside carafes were only used by elderly ladies. Shame on me! I now realise they are probably used by elderly ladies because they have the wisdom to see how useful they are! I'd always take a glass of water to bed, and I'd always put something on top because I didn't like the idea of a spider landing in my water, then it finally occurred to me a carafe and tumbler set was the perfect solution - and it would look so pretty in a guest bedroom too wouldn't it?! 

When it comes to bedtime tranquility nothing says 'relax' more than a good book and bedside candle. I love this vintage style glass candle which can easily be used again once burned out. I do love scented candles but prefer unscented in the bedroom, as scented candles and pillow spray would be a little too overbearing. 

... and lastly no bedside would be complete without photo's of our loved ones :-)  Since spending a bit of time on my bedroom I now look forward to going to bed.  A nice tranquil space to wind down in not only improves our well being, but I think it's also important to do something nice for ourselves. We deserve it don't we? now I just need to get cracking on hubby's side!

Sleep well.

JM x

This post is in collaboration with Laura Ashley, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 
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  1. I adore this post! I have been so remiss in focusing on the bedroom. You absolutely hit the nail on the head about this part of our home! Thank you for the bit of inspiration needed to " Get Cracking " on our drafty old bedroom. The table is absolutely gorgeous and I also use a linen spray on my bed...I normally create one using essential oils. It never quite smells as lovely as the store bought ones though. Blessings little family :)

    1. Thanks Kim! I'm so glad it has inspired you. Oh I'd love to make a linen spray using essential oils ... I love my pillow spray but I'd usually prefer to use essential oils over synthetic fragrance. How do you make your linen spray Kim?! will you share your recipe with us? :-)