Tuesday 4 April 2017

Month in pictures - March

Morning all. Well since I've had my head buried in work for most of this month my photos are few this month I'm afraid ... however I did really enjoy taking time out to research and write the piece on my real life heroes and my bedside makeover which you'll see in a mo. I've been very excited this week as Hubby and I are off to Rome later this week for 5 days! We're both in need of a break and I've never been to Italy before! So to get me in the mood I've been; digging out my summery chic dresses from the loft (It's all about the chic in Rome don't cha know!)  planning a detailed itinerary (with plenty of time for simply wandering-whilst-eating-gelato) brushing up on my Italian (OK so by that I mean hello, goodbye, excuse me and can I have a large vat of red wine please?) and I've been watching Rome-based films to get me in the mood (in fact I highly recommend the woody allen film To Rome With Love ... it's a lovely feel good comedy). If you've been to Rome and have any fabulous recommendations, tips or hidden gems then do share! In the meantime, here's our month in pictures.

It was International Women's Day this month, which had me thinking a lot about the incredible women in my life, so I decided to dedicate a post to them. One of these women (my mother) I've been blessed enough to know, but the others passed away long before my time. These women have an incredible story to tell  - it is a sad but uplifting story, and whenever I find myself struggling to cope in life I think of these women and I find courage. The story begins in Liverpool in 1941.

My real life heroes + My mothers remarkable story and the Liverpool Blitz

Project 'clear out' has been going strong at AHC. I cleared out the shed this month ... and when I say 'I' cleared out the shed what I mean is my mum came round and cleared out the shed while I ran around the garden in circles screaming every time a giant spider dashed out from behind a plant pot / tin of paint. My mum found that highly entertaining - as she's not afraid of anything EXCEPT mice. I love mice and have a hard time telling them to leave ... which is why I didn't tell her that there is a family of mice living in that shed, but there was no way I was tackling those spiders single-handed so I denied all knowledge and just told them lay low while she was clearing in there :-)
FYI - I do love spiders too ... I just don't like looking at them unless they're small and standing still!

Do you remember the little cottage birdhouse I made readers? well it's gone stateside! This month it was featured in Woman's World - The american weekly magazine! It's such a lovely spring project and can be simplified too. 

 I collaborated with Laura Ashley this month, and after a good de-clutter I gave my bedside table and bedroom some much needed TLC. Hubby's side needs more work but one thing at a time! Bedtime is a real pleasure now. We spend so much time making our houses and gardens presentable, often with visitors in mind ... but it's also nice to make an effort on the rooms / places that only we will enjoy, especially the bedroom which has such an important role in regards to our health and well being.

A pretty pastel bedside makeover

Well that's it for this month folks. I hope you've all had a good March yourselves and
 Ralphy and I wish you all a happy and safe easter.

JM xx

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  1. Rome is amazing - there are free cities in this world where you feel like you need more than a few days to see everything but it is definitely one of them. We went quite a few years ago now so I can't remember any tips beyond the main tourist sights (of which there are so many!), other than I really enjoyed just wandering through random alleys and squares, and hanging out in pizza navona in the evening was also lovely. I'm sure you'll love it!

    1. Thanks Littlekoo! I can't wait to wander ... we're off tomorrow. Comfy shoes, camera and elasticated skirts (to make way for pasta and gelato) are packed :-) Ciao for now x