Friday 20 March 2015

Vintage crate furniture ideas!

I love crates. I've found them to be the most useful piece of furniture since sliced bread, as they are just so versatile. I realise that my ancestors will be looking over me now exclaiming 'but it's just an old wooden crate!' and miggins next door thinks it just looks like I haven't got around to buying furniture yet BUT, I care not, I love my crates. They're useful, practical and full of rustic charm!

Vintage crate furniture ideas

Vintage crate coffee table 

Not only is it the ideal coffee table size, if you have it on one side (rather than face down) you can stash your sofa blankets in them when you're not using them!

Wooden crate coffee table

Vintage crate bedside tables 

I find they're just the right size for a bedside table and they're also ideal for housing your bedside books. I'd suggest get one that has a built in shelf across though to make more use of the space.

Wooden crate bedside table

Record storage crate and table

This is the perfect size for stacking LP's! and it's so handy that my record player can sit on top. Since it has slats, these crates would be also be ideal as tables for hifi's or as a charging station for phones and laptops etc as if placed upside down, then you can store all the wires inside and out of sight, just feed the wires through the holes!

Wooden crate record storage

Crates for camping!

 Crates are GREAT for camping, you can use them to cart all your stuff to the campsite, and once you've emptied them, bob's your uncle you can use them as a table ...

Wooden crate camping storage

Where to find vintage crates

Sourcing vintage crates can be tricky, since many shops do stick a hefty price tag on them. You should expect to pay between £15 to £25 for one crate which isn't much when you look at the various things you can use it for. I found these crates at a thrift shop for £15 each, so do keep your eye out and you might snag a bargain. You'll find them in: antique shops, charity shops, car boots, & reclamation yards. 

JM x

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Vintage items can make a space quite beautiful when paired correctly with other pieces in the room. Nice post.