Tuesday 3 May 2016

A month in pictures - April

It’s May - the bluebells are in full bloom and buds are bursting all over. We had a lovely walk at the weekend. It was a new walk and we got lost twice and had to find our way through woodlands, over babbling brooks and fields. Getting lost is truly one of my favourite things … I just love it. It’s one of the few times I find I’m able to stay fully mindful and in the present. When I find myself on a walk I’ve done a hundred times before, I find it so easy to let my mind wander back to work, back to chores that need doing, back to the mundane ‘to-do’ list. I try so hard to stay in the moment, and it frustrates me that I can’t always leave such things behind. So escaping for the day, and getting lost is sometimes exactly what I need because there’s nowhere to be but right here, in the moment. How strange that it takes getting lost, in order to feel found? Oh that’s quite profound for a Tuesday afternoon eh? Anyhoos. I’m sharing my new craft room later this week. It’s still finding its feet, but it’ll be nice to show you where I’ve been crafting of late. In the meantime, here’s our month in pictures!

I wanted to find a strong, rustic trestle table for my craft room so I went looking for one online. I was flabbergasted to learn just how expensive there are … with cheaper ones starting around £170 and nice rustic vintage ones between £600 - £1000! They are beautiful of course but goodness, that’s a family holiday! So in true AHC stylie I decided to make my own.

DIY rustic scandi-style farmhouse table

We've been on walks a plenty this month ... it has been so beautiful! the weather has been kind and the trees are bursting with vibrant, fresh green buds. The doggies have also been enjoying the fruits of spring ....

I made this little heart for a good friend of mine using my Noolibird stamp ... so simple but so pretty. Is amazing what you can do with a stamp, a bit of fabric and a ribbon!

I love farmers markets, so I was pleased as punch when a monthly craft & farmers market popped up in my hometown of Bishops Stortford. Here were a few of the highlights ...

Bishops Stortford Craft & Farmers Market

Finally I just had to show you this CROCHET veg basket made by my friend Julie from our Cottage crafters craft club! Isn't it amazing? she crocheted tomatoes, beetroot, cabbage, cauliflower, mushrooms, peas and carrots! all without a pattern. My crafty ladies never fail to impress me.

Well that's it for this month! crafty room piccies to follow shortly ;-)

Have a lovely May my lovelies.

JM x

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