Thursday 2 April 2015

Pretty projects and a crafty March - A month in pictures

March - A month in pictures - A Handmade Cottage

March. It's been an incredibly crafty month in AHC headquarters, and I can't believe how quickly time passes. The trees were so bare, yet so quickly life blooms. This has been a busy month on the blog, with some lovely guest posts, and since Easter is coming up I've been sharing some fab quick and easy Easter craft projects! Now I'm looking forward to some time with my family -  it's good to have some time to put the feet up and over indulge in choccie bunnies and hot cross buns. Hubby's birthday is also coming up, which is one my favourite days of the year! (after Christmas and my own birthday of course ... you know how I feel about my birthday) but I love his birthday more, since it's the day he came into the world and changed mine (grab your buckets by all means, but it's true!) But back to crafty business, here's a glimpse of the funsies I've enjoyed this month ....

How to make Cinnamon stick tea

My first post of the month was How to make Cinnamon stick tea - When a friend of mine recently told me to drop half a stick a Cinnamon into my builders tea, I told her she'd lost her mind. However - this simple act of tea-tweakery has transformed my tea! Even Miggins loves it ...

Wild spring flower arrangement

I've loved seeing the little signs of spring - the tiny buds emerging, the bluebells .... I brought a few sprigs and pieces of foliage in from the hedgerows to make this simple wildflower arrangement. It's a lovely way to bring spring into the house, but do be kind to mother nature and only take a little bit, here and there.

How to make a singer sewing machine dining table

One of my fave posts from this month was How to make a singer sewing machine table - made by BBC sports correspondent Natalie Pirks! Some of you may recognise Natalie from the BBC, but in this post she tells us about her crafty ways and shows us how she made her beautiful dining table out of a couple singer sewing machine treadles.

Vintage crate furniture ideas

Vintage crates are the most useful piece of furniture since sliced bread, as they are just so versatile. So I thought I'd share the various way in which I use mine - Vintage crate furniture ideas.

Easter craft projects - A Handmade Cottage

Not forgetting Easter craft! I love any excuse to get creative, but I like all of my craft projects to take as little time as possible (as I simple don't have much spare time) but that needn't stop us from enjoying crafty festivities! So here are some lovely, super quick craft projects - all of which would be lovely projects to do with the kids. 

On that note, I bid you farewell my lovelies. Have a super duper choccy woccy easter.

JM x

What? chocolate is poisonous for doggies??!! then we'd like a substitute please!

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  1. So much sweetness in one little place! I DO plan to have a choccy woccy Easter! Happy Spring! xo