Tuesday 31 March 2015

How to make: Easter egg spring bunting

Easter egg spring bunting - Noolibird stamp

I love any excuse to decorate my house in a festive manner, and I love bringing the outside in as you know.  So this week I made some Easter spring bunting with the Noolibird 'folk egg' stamp. However you needn't use a stamp for this project if you don't have time, as it would work just as well with mis-matching floral fabric.You may have seen my previous ravings about Noolibird stamps, and I assure you I'm not getting paid to promote these stamps, I just love the detail and workmanship that goes into them ... they're just so pretty! So if you'd like to get festive 'Easter-stylie' here is how I made this pretty little string of easter bunting. Use it on the fireplace or string it around a flower arrangement as I have done - and once made, you can bring it out year after year ...

Difficulty rating: Easy
Skills needed: None, some sewing but could glue / peg instead.
Time: 2 / 3 hours.
Kiddy friendly: Absolutely
Dog friendly: Probably not.

Easter egg bunting on wild flower arrangement

For Folk egg bunting you will need:

Fabric - Plain or floral
Optional Noolibird Folk Egg stamp & fabric paint
Stamp pad foam - available from craft shop or online
Hemming web - available in craft and household shops
Brown cotton and needle OR fabric glue
Brown string or ribbon

Note: If you're not using stamps, all you need is floral fabric, hemming web, string and needle and cotton (or fabric glue if you can't be bothered to sew :-) 

How to make easter bunting - with Noolibird stamp

How to make!

Note: If your going to use fabric without the stamp, hop straight to step 3!

Step 1
Make your own ink pad buy cutting the A4 size piece of foam into a smaller piece, a little larger than the stamp you're using. Apply the paint to the foam with a paint brush giving an even coverage all over the pad. When you have finished stamping you can either wash the cut n dry foam out and re-use or you can put the foam pad in a zip lock bag and use it another day.

Step 2
 Press your stamp into the ink and press evenly on the fabric. Stamp out as many eggs as you'd like to hang (I find 5 / 6 is plenty for this little project.) Once the ink is dry, turn it over and iron it. This makes the ink colour fast, so it won't run if washed. Though since you'll only be hanging this once a year you probably won't need to ever wash it!  

Step 3
Cut out your 6 eggs roughly, and cut another 6 plain pieces roughly the same size. 

Step 4
 Lay a few pieces of hemming web in between the two pieces, making sure the entire surface is covered (see above).

How to make easter bunting - with Noolibird stamp

Step 5
Iron the two pieces - this will fuse them together.

Step 6
Once fused, you can now cut out your egg carefully.

Step 7
 Lay your eggs (?) at regular interval along your string or ribbon, and when your happy with their placement pin them in place.

Step 8
Now you can either peg, glue or sew your eggs in place! If you sew just make sure you use matching thread and only sew the very tip.

Easter bunting and flower arrangement

Happy easter little chicks.
JM x

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  1. Really cute, Jodie! I love the natural twine with the linen stamped images. Very pretty stamp, too! And I love it when you say "Tada!" :) Makes everything seem so easy! Happy Easter!