Friday 15 August 2014

Why I love my birfday & the invention of birfday-week!!

It's my birthday today. I have always loved birthdays for as long as I can remember. While I admire those people modest enough to brush their birthday under the carpet I can never be one of those people. In fact, in our house I have (rather cleverly) invented 'Birthday week' ... which basically means the week following your birthday is still really, your birthday. This comes in very handy when you want a cup of tea, a third slice of cake or a hug-on-demand. You are more than welcome to borrow 'Birthday week'  and if you find loved ones are reluctant, simply try suggesting it on their birthday first ;-)

This was the morning of my first birthday ... I still look like that on my birthday morning!

However, there is a reason why I love my birthday, and it's the same reason I love other people's birthdays, Christmas, and any other joyful event that comes my way - it's simply an excuse to celebrate the moment, our existence, and the fact that we're all still here, alive, healthy and living freely. While I haven't achieved many of the things I thought I would have by now in terms of earthly objects, I have achieved a whole lot more in terms of happiness and contentment.

Celebrating with friends
Some lovely relatively sane friends at a recent together ...

 In fact it's often following a birthday that I've made decided on big life changes ... I think acknowledging our time passing is often the kick (and courage) we need to make a change in our path. It helps to think less about what we haven't done and more about what we could do. 

I also share my birthday with my big brother (the boy in blue) which has always
made it a little more special ... and despite his moans I think he secretly loves it too!

So while we could and should celebrate these things any day of the week, we don't. We're too busy, we seem to need occassions ... and if it's your birthday YOU have the power to make your clan of loved ones come together for a day of funsies, and it would be a sorry shame to let age and modesty get in the way of that. In fact, seeing as it's my birthday today, I invite all of you to enjoy 'BIRFDAY WEEK' with me this week ... be extra good to yourselves, take some time off and have a week of funsies instead!!! Happy birthday :-)


Errr these are also some of my friends at a recent celebration. Ralpy looks a bit evil ...
we of course look perfectly normal.

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  1. Great pics Jodie, we had that exact carpet in the 70's ha ha! I totally agree it should be a birthday week not a day. I always make it special for all my children, they haven't gone one year without an elaborate homemade cake, it's quite a challenge with their birthdays being June, July & August, great having summer birthdays though! Mine is in December and I always have the decs up in time :) Enjoy your birfday week! x

  2. Have a lovely birthday! I really enjoy reading your blogs x

  3. Happy Birthday! I'm exactly like you - birthdays are massive chez Lee. We have Birthday Eve and Birthday Boxing Day, and special birthday bunting (that my husband hates). Hope you have a tremendously marvellous Birfday Week!

  4. I have 2 grown up children with August birthdays ... My girl Liv's is the day after yours;) We had a big celebration meal, cooking their favorite foods, used her pink boots from kindergarten as a centerpiece filled with sweet little carnations, and had a wonderful time:) Your perspective is liberating and so relevant in today's rush away busy-ness. Hugs and blessings💗💗