Friday 2 January 2015

A month in pictures + a christmas story

It's frosty out, and christmas has been and gone (well, almost - personally I try and milk the christmas holiday for all it's worth) We spent the New year with friends, playing games, drinking ... well tea actually, whilst wearing PJ's! I know, shameful right? though I did feel very smug the next morning when I thought of all my poorly hungover friends ;-) Before I take down the decorations and face the year ahead, I thought I'd share a look back over this last month. Here is ... our christmas story.

The seasons seem to be changing a little later this year, so december seemed much milder at times. It felt strange buying a christmas tree while golden leaves still clung to the trees. Ralphy kept wrapped up though .... he feels the cold bless him :-) 

It's was lovely getting the deccies down from the loft, old ornaments feel like old friends. We picked a little potted tree, and I made a little hedgerow flower arrangement for the table. Meanwhile Ralphy drafted his christmas message to you all and posed in his favourite christmas hat.

We spent a lovely day with friends in december, making winter wreaths! The friends made traditional wreaths, but as I already had one up I made a dried hydrangea wreath instead - to hang in the bedroom all year round.  If you'd like to make one I posted a tutorial here ... How to make a dried hydrangea wreath.

Christmas is such an expensive time of year so I tried to help and inspire you with some handmade gift ideas. These included Handmade gifts for nature lovers, Gifts for food lovers and easy craft projects. Most of which would make a lovely gift for any occassions ....

Then finally in late december we wrote cards, and decorated our cottage ready for christmas. I had some lovely craft afternoons with my craft group making Christmas decorations - we made crochet snowflakes and felt heart decorations, both of which I'll be leaving up for a while as it still snows in January! So Happy New year friends, ease yourselves in gently and have a safe, healthy and cosy January.

JM xx

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  1. Your posts are always inspiring and I look forward to what you share for the new year. Ralphy is such a darling too.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Aw thanks Shiralee, that's always a pleasure to hear :-) xx

  2. Love the seeds idea! This year, I'm determined to try out some of your crafty plans - thanks Jodie, like the lady says above - you're a massive inspiration!

    1. Aw thanks Carlie :-) that goes both way my lovely - I think yours is my fave blog of all time. In fact I must feature you on 'my fave fings' at some point! perhaps when your book is out!? x x