Wednesday 14 January 2015

Sweater three ways - gloves, scarf AND headband - one jumper / 5 minutes.

As promised, here is part two of my 'sweater 3 ways' project.
In part one we made a pair of fingerless mittens out of a felted jumper which you can watch below or see here.  In part two, we are going to make a snood (circular scarf that covers neck and head) AND a warm winter headband out of the very SAME jumper AND (I'm sorry about all the capitals but I feel this project warrants it) AND it only takes a few MINUTES!! This is an easy peasy make and is suitable for everyone and anyone.

Enjoy and keep warmin'!
JM x

Part two: From sweater to headband and snood ... in 5 minutes.

Part one: How to make mittens from a jumper ... in minutes.

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  1. Such brilliant and easy-peasy ideas - thank you, Jodie. Hope Ralphy gets back from his business trip soon.xx

  2. P.s. That comment was from Ali! xx