Wednesday 21 January 2015

Harris tweed - Applique for beginners from Vivebooks.

I don't know about you, but I have never used an ebook before.  I spend enough time on a computer, so when it comes to reading I like to feel the weight of a book in my hands and that's something I don't think will ever change. However, I was recently asked to review the ebook Harris Tweed - Applique for beginners and I absolutely loved it!

I love tweed. Perhaps it's the country bumpkin wannabe in me, but I just love the texture, and the subtle colours of the fabric. As a fabric it seems to have so much depth to it, and having read this book I now understand why. There is a craftsmanship to creating this wonderful fabric, the landscape from which it came is often reflected in the colours of the tweed. The cloth is then woven on a handloom, and it has been this way for generations. 

In this book Chris Hammacott teaches you everything you need to know about Appliqué with Tweed. Appliqué is a technique that allows all sorts of interesting shapes and themes to be added to a fabric background. She explains which tools we will need, and includes a lovely collection of projects to get us started - most of which are ideal for beginners.

 So if you fancy making some pretty things with this lovely fabric, I'd highly recommend this book. The added bonus of working to ebooks is videos ... the book tells you everything you need to know, but Chris often follows it up with a video as well, which is really helpful.

Harris tweed - Applique for beginners

To download this ebook head over to Vivebooks by clicking the link above.

NOTE: The ebook is in pdf format and is compatible with all systems, and there is lots of helpful information to help with downloading and transferring to other devices such as your iPad. it is also available on a CD if you prefer not to download.

RRP £17.00

About the author

Chris Hammacott, the writer of this book has been writing, teaching and designing textiles for over 30 years. In 2012, with her husband Andrew, she fulfilled a long held ambition to move to a small croft in the Outer Hebrides. Here Chris teaches all aspects of 'Harris Tweed', from spinning and natural dyeing to designing items made from the wonder cloth. Andrew weaves 'Harris Tweed' in the old weaving shed.

All photography courtesy of Vivebooks,Trevor Wiggins and Andrew Hammacott

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  1. Thanks for this Jodie. Chris will be so pleased that you have understood the wonder cloth and all its depths!

    1. It really was my pleasure Vivienne! Happy to spread the word :-)