Friday 20 June 2014

Vintage tins + vintage tin flower pots

 photo ff.png

I love vintage tins. They're colourful, have vibrant images, and are built to last. These are my tins and they come in handy for a variety of tasks. From left to right they hold pens, dressmaking scissors, fresh coffee, loose leaf tea and Ralphy's bones!

Pretty as a picture vintage tins. Ideal for housing not-so-pretty things.

Vintage tin flower pots

I love using vintage tins and teapots as flower pots. Here's what I do ...

1. First check for leaks
2. add stones to the bottom for drainage
3. Fill with compost and pop your plant in!

JM x

They make such pretty flowerpots though check for leaks first!

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  1. I also LOVE vintage tins......started collecting a couple of years ago and only have a these of yours!! Just found your blog and love EVERYTHING about it. Thanks for sharing....<3

    1. Ah thanks Belinda! I'm so pleased, thanks for letting me know :-)