Friday 13 June 2014

My crafty dad 'Dellboy'

Me and daddykins on wedding morning. Photo by Binky Nixon. 

My dad is one of my favourite fings. He's lovely, and since it's fathers day soon I'd like to introduce him to you. Everybody calls him 'Dellboy' and you can too. He's a big jolly cockney and the biggest family man I know. Here he is below - being beautified with a clay face mask a week before my wedding ... one of the many things he put up with!

Pulling faces in clay face masks - hence the dry, cracked complexions : )

My dad is VERY crafty - in a manly * woodwork not crochet * kind of way, and it is from him I get my crafty ways. I have a lot of admiration for my dad. Like many working class kids in 'the ole days' he wasn't able to attend school as much as he would have liked, as he had to work. But he was fascinated with how things worked, and loved to take things apart and put them back together again ... he could soon turn his hand to making almost anything. He built our family home, and he built himself a lorry (god knows how) and to this day would always prefer to make something himself rather than buy it - another trait I inherited! I've no doubt he could have made himself a fortune if financial gain had been high on his agenda, but spending time with his family always came first ... and I have a very happy childhood to show for it, so thanks Dad. 

One of the many thing my dad made for our wedding day ...  x

So you might be seeing more of Dell boy in the future. He might pop by to show us how to do a few things around the house : )

So a happy daddy's day to you Dellboy, and to all the other lovely dads out there too!

JM x

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