Wednesday 25 June 2014

Transforming and upcycling your clothes

You don't have to be a super seamstress to update your existing clothes. Here's a few simple changes that will transform your clothes and give them a new lease of life ...

Beautiful buttons!

 Change them. If you've got a pretty-but-plain shirt or cardigan, update it by swapping it's boring old buttons for some pretty colourful ones ... or even some rustic wooden ones! (which also compliment chunky knitwear).

I love collecting buttons ... and I felt these complemented this shirt perfectly.
They turned this regular shirt into something special and original.

Ribbons & scarfs 

Aside from adding glamour as a neck scarf they also make fantastic belts and head scarves. I love headscarves in the summer ...they not only look gorgeous 'Audrey - style' they also protect your highlights from the sun (not that I'm not a natural golden blond - ahem.) As a belt they look lovely with jeans or use a lovely scarf to nip in a plain dress.

Keep your eye out of old vintage hangers ...
they're ideal for displaying old scarves.

Jewellery and embellishments

 I bought a pair of Topshop ballet pumps (see pic) to wear on the eve of my wedding as I knew my heels would be killing me. I saw these lovely lace flats on eBay but they had a big bow I didn't like. So I simply removed it and replaced it with these pretty little flowers which I took from an old necklace! Keep your eye out for pretty pieces of costume jewellery you can use to embellish old handbags and clothing. Sew in place where you can, but if you have to glue make sure it's washable!

If you have an item you love, but something about it bothers you
don't assume you can't change it ... think outside the box.

Pins & Brooches 

Antique and vintage brooches have a variety of uses. They can add a real touch of glamour to jackets, chunky knitwear and wraparound cardies ... but they look equally as beautiful on handbags. Either pin them on their own, or group a few together. They are also the perfect accessories for keeping a pretty shawl in place. I also used brooches on my table plan for our handmade wedding.

My mum knitted me this shawl. An antique brooch not only sets it off ...
it also stops me from loosing it!

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JM x

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