Monday 9 June 2014

Our handmade wedding album - by Lacuna work

As you know we had a handmade wedding, so I wanted to find a beautiful, rustic photograph album that was also handmade. After much scouring of the net I found Lacuna - books with wooden memory. Hubby designed our wedding invitations, which consisted of our silhouettes in a ring of leaves and flowers. This image became our theme throughout the wedding, and we wanted this design carved into our wedding album too. Hana, the lovely lady who makes these (as well as lots of other things) was so helpful. She adapted our image and sent me sketches throughout the process. I asked if she'd mind taking pictures as she went so we could see how she makes them. She very kindly agreed and talks us through the entire transformation ... from the simple piece of reclaimed wood (below), to this most beautiful photograph album.

BEFORE - Quite a transformation!

Lacuna books with a wooden memory are creations from antique fragments or unique vintage finds.

After the wood is cut it needs to be sanded well, 
and the final sanding has to be always made by hand.

Hand drawings are made directly on the cover. 
In some cases a specific design can be transferred on the wood

The hand engraving may take hours ...

In the raw wood the engraving is barely visible...

Each sheet needs to be folded for the Coptic stitch technique 

The work with glassine translucent interleaves is more delicate. The paper no longer has a practical function but adds beauty to it.

The sheets need to be assembled into blocks - in case of the photo albums I cannot forget to include spacers to allow the book close flat with photos.

After the book is stitched, each paper spacer needs to be glued. My daughter OlĂ­via likes to accompany  all the phases of the process. 

Lacuna work is now collaborating with residents of local organisation that helps homeless and socially fragile people. Some of our wooden covers are now being sanded with care and dedication by these men with troubled life history. 

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JM & Hana x

All photographs by Lacuna books

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