Monday 6 January 2014

Becoming a natural beauty

Laugh lines or wrinkles, call them what you like, we don't like them. Like most people I had tried all manner of things to prevent age showing on my face. I'd like to tell you I eat vast amounts of organic veg and drink kale juice but that would be a lie. I don't drink much water (unless there's milk and a teabag in it) and I eat cake. So like most women I try to make up for it with what goes on my face instead. When I gave up smoking (I was a young musician) I also gave up chemical products at the same time and became a natural beauty. As a result my outlook and way of life completely changed, as did my skin.

My wedding morning ... I even used natural products on my big day.
Photo by Binky Nixon

Why are chemical-based products bad for us? 

Many of the products we use (beauty AND household)
 are jam-packed full of chemicals that contain toxins and carcinogens, which have been linked to a whole host of nasties including breast cancer, infertility and skin allergies. 

Companies use them because it's cheaper for them to mass produce, and as they're using such small quantities of the toxic ingredients it's deemed as legal. 
However we use them on a daily basis. The skin absorbs what we put on our skin and these toxins can build up in our system over time and cause problems.

Natural oils and ingredients - as mother nature intended.


        Switching to natural products        

 Products containing only natural ingredients are not only safer to use, but they contain far more goodness and work wonders on the skin. But becoming toxic-free isn't an easy transition. I do my best, but my cupboards still have the odd nasty lurking since natural products aren't as readily available. You might see 'natural' and 'organic' written all over products but read the small print and you'll see there's nothing natural about them.

So take one step at a time and just start to take notice of what your using. 

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JM x

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