Friday 3 January 2014

Change and the adventure it brings.


Some people are afraid of change. As a people we seem to thrive on routine and often associate change with something bad.  I'm also a creature of habit, I like my little rituals but I like change too. I embrace it ... If I didn't I wouldn't be writing this blog. Now and again I feel there's something in the air ... like in Mary Poppins when Bert says in his extremely convincing cockney accent ...

' Winds in the east, there's a mist coming in ... like something is brewing,  about to begin '
Then Mary pops by and does fabulous magical things. I admit to a small crush on Bert (Hubby's disgusted at my taste in men ...?)

One man band Bert sensing Mary's arrival.
 But I get that feeling ... that either a change is coming or I need to make a change. Last time I had that feeling I went into the bathroom with long hair and came out with a very short 'Demi Moore' haircut. DO NOT try it at home. It was only chance that it turned out ok and a hairdresser did need to 'tidy it up' afterwards.

Don't worry I shan't be cutting my hair (mum) and I don't know what the change might be, or what the future holds but whatever it is I won't be afraid of it. I think sometimes we need to ruffle our own feathers and remind ourselves to LIVE, rather than simply exist.
Who knows what it might bring??

JM x

I think she might be my hero ... I love the ways she cleans
that kids room with just a click of her finger.

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