Wednesday 1 January 2014

Beat the Jan blues and have a HAPPY new year


I have just returned from the bosom of my family. We stayed in a lovely secluded cottage in the welsh countryside for Christmas and it was just lovely. I'm now home, a bit fat (as we all are - just don't look down, or in a long mirror until February) and though I'm getting the itch to take down the deccies and spring clean I shall refrain and make the most of the festivities while they last ... cue Mary Poppins, feet up!

It's tempting to do some housework ... but I won't.

I've been thinking about new year resolutions and why we always resolve to give up the things we enjoy the most. This might explain why we never seem to manage it, and why we're all feeling a bit miserable today. If you have very bad habits then by all means add them to your list if you want but perhaps add some lovely things as well?

What my resolutions were GOING to be ... 

Give up cake
Drink water, not tea
Cook better and more regularly

 But on reflection what they WILL be ...

More weekends away! 
(camping and cottage holidays are cheap and doable) 

Learn the major star constellations 
(I just don't know what I'm looking at)

Get more birds into the garden 
(flying ones not random women)

Get photo albums printed regualrly
(so many just sitting on the laptop)

Stop giving myself 
so much to do! then only if I remember ...
Eat a little less cake and drink a bit more herbal tea.


Happy new year you lovely lot, 
I hope it brings you all much adventure and happiness.

JM x

Hubby took this at our holiday cottage in Wales ...
this time next year I'll know what those stars are!

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  1. Happy New Year to you too. Glad you had a good time away and I love your revised resolutions.
    Fiona x

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  2. Glad you like them Fiona, I needed something to look forward too! I also want to finish 101 craft projects I have on the go : ) x

  3. Love your resolutions :) I think I will try to read a book a week, knit socks for as many people as possible (including me!), and buy lots of nice clothes (from charity shops!)

  4. Oo! Would also love to learn about stars! Oh God, my list is already so long...