Friday 10 January 2014

Mason Cash bowls (in the forest)

I'm a sucker for ceramics ... mugs, jugs and bowls especially. When is comes to bowls you simply can't go wrong with Mason Cash. Established in 1800, this iconic brown bowl has held our cake mix for decades. I was always on the lookout for a classic brown Mason Cash bowl in the charity shops but I had no luck. Annoyingly my best friend did and she clearly took pleasure in telling me so!

Photograph from Mason Cash

So when I spied the beautiful new 'In the forest' design in a local cook shop, I put it straight onto my Christmas list. It has gorgeous little foxes, birds and owls on it! How lovely, I don't know whether I'd want to bake with it or just simply hug it. I particularly loved the big white one, and smaller bowl in Mink.

So Christmas day passed with no bowl in sight. So I marched back down to the shop and bought the large mixing bowl for myself ... Happy new year Pode!! However, a few days later I went for a belated Xmas day with hubby's folks, and lo and behold sitting under the tree was not one, but TWO large mixing bowl - sized pressies for me!

So now there are three!!! and I LOVE every one. The only downside is I'll have to use them to make food. Poor Hubby.

You can find a stockist from
I bought mine from

JM x

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  1. Love them - especially the forest ones. I made a yummy chocolate cake yesterday for Martin's birthday - will give you the recipe!

    1. Ooh yes please, wouldn't mind making choccie cake! x

  2. Ha I just realised you were talking about me :). I did take pleasure in telling you but I promise it wasn't in a 'ner ner ner ner neeeer' way..... Haha! I just knew my 'charity shop heroine' would understand my joy! You did make me chuckle though. I love your new bowls! I want them! Xx

    1. I thought you'd chuckle at that : ) I know it wasn't in a ner ner way ... it was the exact way in which I'd tell you!! they're lovely aren't they? you have my permission to buy them : ) xx