Wednesday 20 November 2013

How to make Rose hip anti-aging moisturiser - Part 1

Hello lovelies, 

It's cold, our skin is dry and in need of a beauty-hug (?)
So I'm going to share one of my favourite beauty recipes of ALL time ... 
This is easy, cheap and VERY effective. The lovely, the luscious

 *** Rose hip Oil ***

Rose hip oil is a wonderful anti-aging moisturiser that's present in lots of popular anti-aging products. 
It's very expensive to buy, but easy peasy and cheap to make yourself ... AND it makes a lovely gift!

So since the bushes are laden with Rose hips now get picking! Then later this week I'll show you how to make a simple moisturising oil that can be used by most skin-types - Personally I love using it as a night-time moisturiser.  

Rose hip oil Shopping list:

One cup of Rose hips
To be found on hedgerows everywhere

Two cups of your chosen carrier Oil
I love Fushi Jojoba oil for this, it's great on most skin types (including oily)
though Almond oil is nice too.

Small glass bottle
Dark ideally. Though any will do really, just keep it our of direct sunlight


Two vitamin E capsules (optional)
Not only is this great for your skin but it also acts as a natural preservative.

Aromatherapy oils (optional)
I love lavender and rose for this recipe, 
though if you're very sensitive
 perhaps leave them out.

Sticky labels (optional)
If you are planning to give this as a gift some pretty labels would be nice. 
This is a lovely book of labels that always comes in handy... Pretty labels.


Once you have your bits together click the link below to watch the
instruction video for putting them all together!


JM x

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