Thursday 28 November 2013

Christmas craft in the community: Sparkly tree decorations

Well since it's a bit cold and gloomy outside my window, I have two cheery things to brighten our day. The first -  it's 4 WEEKS TILL CHRISTMAS!!! (I love Christmas. I think you know that now)
and the second - the evening I spent with the 

Our display of deccies for their towns Christmas tree

Me and my crew of crafty merry men (well, ladies) headed down to spend an evening with the group which is run by the lovely Katharine Collis and Sandra Embleton. 
Our mission?? to take a simple craft project that would appeal to everyone.

The groups sparkly felt tree decorations!

We weren't really sure what to expect from the group. Many of us hadn't experienced people with learning difficulties before and to be honest we were actually quite nervous. When many of us (as in the public) meet a person with disabilities, it's the disability we often see first. We may avoid talking to them due to lack of experience and understanding, or we feel a bit 'awkward and embarrassed.'

Getting crafty!

But a few hours spent with the HUW Johnson club can make you see things very differently. We needn't have felt nervous as the people at this club were just lovely. Warm, giving and kind ... and many had me laughing out loud.

Giggling with the girlies

We all had such a great night, so when they asked us to go back at easter we jumped at the chance. Not because we wanted to 'do our bit' for the community - but because we just enjoyed hanging out with this lovely bunch and we wanted to do it again soon. Craft is a lovely way to bring people together.

 Should you want to make some simple, sparkly felt tree decorations all you need is:

Some coloured felt
Glitter glue pens
Beads & buttons
PVA glue
Ribbon to hang.

Simply cut out your shape and get creative!

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