Thursday 14 November 2013

AHC is in the Press!!!

I was just sitting here feeling sorry for myself (I have man-flu) when 'Home Sewn Magazine' came through my letterbox. Well, I say 'came through the letterbox' but in reality it was yanked out of the postman's trembling hand by a flying Jack Russell. Once I'd wrestled it from Ralphy's vice-like grip I was jumping up and down ...
Why?? because I have a full 3 page spread in it!!! 
(If I could speak I'd be squealing with Joy right now ... ) 

I'm so chuffed I had to share it with you. I started A handmade cottage in July 2013 (only 5 months ago) and I'm just so pleased I did. I've had two articles published this month which I'm over the moon about (it's so much fun being all *Carrie Bradshaw* in Costa Coffee) but more importantly I'm meeting some really lovely people, readers and bloggers along the way.

The other magazine I featured in was Blogosphere, a new magazine about bloggers, by bloggers. If you like blogs you'll love this mag.  I attended the launch party ... canapes in a swanky apartment overlooking the Thames. It felt like a world away from my little cottage but it was a lovely opportunity to meet some fellow bloggers (and the sausages-on-a-stick were well worth the trip alone!)

I don't know what the future holds, I just know that I love doing this and I hope you continue to enjoy it as much as I do. 

for being such lovely supportive readers.

Home sewn magazine is published by practical publishing and you can buy it online here. 
Blogosphere is available to buy online here.

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  1. Well done Jodie, you deserve it, your blog is just beautiful and very articulatory written. xx

  2. Congratulations Jodie, you are very talented and you deserve this! I just wanted to say I recently found your videos and your blog and I keep going back to look at them all, I enjoy it so much!!! would love to meet you and Ralphy!!! :) I live in the U.S. (in Oklahoma). Mary Jo Hamilton

    1. What a lovely message to receive this evening, and all the way from Oklahoma! Thank you so much Mary Jo, I'm so glad you enjoy the blog and thank you for going to the effort to let me know. Ralphy send his best and says if you're ever down this way you'd be very welcome providing you brought dog treats : ) xx