Thursday 3 March 2016

This month in pictures - February

Hi popsicles! I hope this finds you all well on this chilly March morning. I've just been for a brisk walk with Sir Ralfred .... my hands and toes are icy cold and I can't WAIT for summer to warm our cockles now. As much as I love the cosiness of autumn and winter, I'm so ready for flip flops and hazy days now. Roll on bluebells and bring forth the sunshine! This was our month in pictures ....

Handmade personalised photo cards.

For Valentines day I made some personalised photo cards. It's such an easy but effective way to make a handmade card for any occasion - it looks lovely, takes 5 minutes and all you need is some card, a photo and an envelope!

It's been so lovely seeing the little bursts of white and green emerge on our walkies this month, and the bluebells are starting to poke their little leaves through which is a sure sign of spring :-) thank the heavens!

My folks-in-law bought me this gorgeous collectible 'Wind in the willows' teapot at Christmas which I've been enjoying this month ... also the lovely ladies from craft club have been knitting up a storm ... Martina has been knitting cream cakes, biscuits, hot cross buns, teapots and teacups! their talents never cease to amaze me.

A Handmade Holiday - 300 year old Belleville Cottage

In October we spent a long weekend in the beautiful, historical 300 year old Bellville Cottage, in the picturesque spa town of Royal Tunbridge Wells ... here's a glimpse into the unique and quirky cottage that is 'Belleville' complete with spooky cellar!

I asked for a copper milk pan for Christmas, and hubby (bless his cotton socks) bought this little pan for me online, not realising just how small it was! :-) So on Instagram I picked your brains as to what I could use this miniature copper pan for and got some fab suggestions, from serving gravy to planting succulents.

Botanical print feature wall & how to hang pictures easily

This month I made a feature wall of beautiful botanical prints! After watching ‘The Good Wife’ a few years ago I fell in love with feature wall in Alicia's apartment and I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to re-create it ever since. The tutorial also shows a super easy way of hanging and aligning pictures with fuss.

That's all for this month, I hope you've all had a good one yourselves. I'm off to Barcelona this weekend so I'll be sure to share some piccies of our adventures!

In the meantime take care and keep warm,

JM & Sir Ralfred xx

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  1. It was a very fun month indeed! Love your projects! Very cold here, too. Will look forward to bluebell photos! And snowdrops! I need to plant some them but don't have any. Sending puppy kisses for Sir Radford today! x

  2. Oops.....apparently autocorrect doesn't like Ralfred! So sorry about my typo, Ralphie!

    1. hi karin, is ralfieee ere ... fanks for mi puppi kissis!!! call me wot you like, mummy dus :-)

  3. Very well, sweet Ralphy! ♡